"Bombonerazo": Boca Supporters to complete their & # 39; bomber in Superclassic disease


Over 50 supporters from Boca Juniors put the "La Bombonera" pattern on Thursday afternoon to support their team in the introduction to the definition of the Libertadores Cup against the River Plate.

Unless to be able to attend & # 39; Monumental on Saturday, Boca's beautiful supporters gathered at the evening stadium to serve open habits that lasted only 37 minutes and gave them a "Bombonerazo& # 39;

With the ability to listen, sing and stimulate the imagery, long line fans & # 39; and they gathered close to the Bombonera from the beginning, and they opened the door doors to the stadium opening hourly what was planned

With 400 soldiers to control the route and only 90 people of private security protection inside, an hour before the stadium could be filled and there were some events.

At that time, chief executives of Boca Juniors, led by secretary Christian Gribaudo, said the enthusiasm of the followers had overcome the controls and said they could not get more people.

"The Bombonera is already full for the encouragement of our players, we add apologies to all who can not go, but we're so many millions … Thank you , thank you! #EstoEsBoca ", write the club on & # 39; Twitter account.

At that time there were some events in the reach with the large number of people left without entering the stadium to support the players ahead of the next Saturday's game game.

When they were entering the turf, the squad found a great prophecy and the main places were expressed while & # 39; And they did some softball exercises.

The biggest time the tension was when a supporter jumped from the centers and when the police were going to take away, Carlos Tevez's support to his colleagues and he gave him his jacket.

After a small party in small places in a calm setting, the players welcomed the fans in all parts of the stadium and they received the love of the listeners who asked them to have a Saturday's historic success at his & # 39 ; Monumental.

Boca Juniors, which is home-bound 2-2 in the first leg, thinks Plate River as a visitor to the 58th edition of the Libertadores Cup and the final passport available for the World Cup.

After the open habits, the herring remained in the training center that was next to a dinner and moved to the Madero Hotel where it will be focused for a crucial and historic cross before competing it.

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