Bonadio refused to quit a question to Gianfranco Macri


Legal resources told NA that Gianfranco Macri, through his lawyers, heard the hearing set for this Thursday at 10 in work that is still in the outside and reaches the country early in the morning Friday.

However, Bonadio refused to repeat it and the brother of his or her national chairman must be given by caution, that is to say, if not going, it will be found by the public force.

In size, regarding Franco Macri, the lawyers asked the police to stop the hearing when that argued The President of the United Kingdom has poor health problems and is not in a research statement situation.

According to the sources, together with the evidence, the lawyers gave a medical certificate to the judge describing the situation of Franco Macri and his / her; they may be able to order expert opinions to achieve this situation.

Bonadio identified them with other businessmen, including Eduardo Eurnekian, for North Access and the Autopistas del Sol SA company and are stated to have paid bubbles for the West track through a group Western US laws.

The list of the people called and included by the businessman Gerardo Ferreyra, of Electroingenieria, who is already preserved as a member of an illegal society for non- legal for access to public works.

Many of the defendants have been named again because Judge Bonadio dismissed his / her mother's case and his / her / Share inquiries related to payments in a transport, road debt or public sector.

For this reason, the staff that work again in office, Claudio Uberti, was the officer of the Road Management Group (OCCOVI) and former Secretary of Public Works José López, who In addition to the old transport secretary Ricardo Jaime and the Julio De Vido's Strategic Planning Minister.

The established studies will be based until the next December 27, and after that it has ten days to solve the situation that is polite.

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