Bondar sent a Census to a great fight, but the Britons


A & # 39; The benefit of the Hungarian women's tennis team in the Euro-African Cup Range I was in Bath, UK: Dalma Gálfi went to her; First match against British Britons, and although she got the highest 100 Katie Boulter, three sets were missing. The second meeting gave a challenge even more deeply, and Konta Johanna completed Anna Bondár in the last game.

Anna Bondár gave a good performance against Konta Johanna (Picture: Twitter)


Gaulfi Dalma – Katie Boulter 4: 6, 7: 6 (7-5), 6: 7 (1-7)

The 311 World Ranking also played a major part against the Greeks and the Slavans. Dalma Gálfi, who won the challenges that were well ranked in the first two days. This time, the Hungarian daughter was more difficult to open a fight for group membership, against Katie Boulter, 83 in WTA.

Although Gálfi started to easily access, The second two defeated, and as Britain did not make a mistake, the tennis player from the Hunger himself found himself in abuse 5: 1. Then he began to grab a hard food game, Boulter Boulter, and did not let with the opponent's score, so the player had to set up the first set – b & # 39; It was a great benefit, but it did not; He can only take advantage of his seventh member. with a branch against Galfi (4: 6).

In the second set, with the exception of an early breakdown, the parties regularly ran their own game match, so the abbreviation was already in place with Gálfi's name; Best: the 20-year-old Hungarian has grown dramatically, especially in the effectiveness of its second group, enough for the final to fight their game (4: 6, 7: 6).

Was the same as the previous one. Galfi first served the Boulter service, but the Britons left back, and although there were still two or two tricks at the end of the ' game, they were running so smooth at the end of the # 39; game and they decided to do it short. Before that time Galfi finished with his power, Boulter dropped out to 5-0 and did not let him out (4: 6, 7: 6, 6: 7).

Anna Bondár – Konta Johanna 2: 6, 7: 6 (7-1), 6: 7 (4-7)


Konta Johanna, British Double British Deiseag:
"This is why I stood at the edge of the gap, playing tennis incredibly. I am very fortunate to be a winner, and thank the My experience, which will be over time. We played a wonderful game, just like Katie. The fact that talking is still difficult, I'm trying to come back again "Bondar put an amazing game on the whole game. I tried to get out of her rhythm as big as possible, but he did it well."

So after the first game for 2 hours and 22 minutes, b & # 39; The Britons preferred, while Anna's Bondar, held 224 in the World Ranking game, was completed by Konta Johanna. In the first set, an Hungarian tennis player was still watching 21, a double-clicked Account opened and there was no question on who would have; first player (2: 6). Then in the jump …

In the game, 15 aces, Bondar, animated tennis, defeated nine nine members in the second game, in which he did not allow his opponent to have his opponent, fourth place in World Classification, and won the second set without any dispute. (2: 6, 7: 6).

In a positive game, Bond had seven options, with its amazing achievement, and, although there was one use, it did not; The Britons can benefit from the Hungarians faster. when he had to go out and use his & # 39; His first ball to close the 42-minute 42-minute conversation (2: 6, 7: 6, 6: 7).

Bondar's purpose has not been a shame for the British brothers, who had the highest 100th highest in his life, Sloinnneach, and his wife. hitting the hostel, and formerly, Jo Durie, believed that Bondar could even get the highest in the world's highest.

Be right.

Since its quartet, Britain is now a group winner and can play with Serbia on Saturday to enter the World Group II play. Our men play 5-8 in Croatia, the second in the Serbian group. place.


Hungary – Breton 0-2
Gálfi Dalma –Katie Boulter 4: 6, 7: 6 (7-5), 6: 7 (1-7)
Anna Bondár –Johanna Census 2: 6, 7: 6 (7-1), 6: 7 (4-7)

Another game in the group
Greece Greece – Slovenia 2-0

End of Group Result: 1. Great Britain 3 is winning (8-0), 2. Hungary 2 g., 1 call (5-3), 3. Greece Greece 1 year, 2 years old (3-5), 4. Slovakia 3 years old & 39; age (0-8)

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