The Identity and Federal Identity Authority (IFAD) has announced that a new recognition base will be announced to honor the prestigious Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, as part of his campaigns in Zayed.

The design of her & # 39; Including the profile of the father founded by Sheikh Zayed and the flag of the UAE and the 100th, which marks the centenary of the best examples in the love of his people and his / her; invaluable and noble and ridiculed all the wealth and wealth that God loved in the country to bring the best life standards to the people of the UAE and to all those who do it. live on his land.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ali bin Hammad Al Shamsi, said this initiative was come within the Commission's framework for the promotion of Sheikh Zayed's achievements and his special wisdom in leadership and dedication for work and contribution and hard work in trying to achieve the goal without attention and attention to obstacles and obstacles, His memory is too much of a generation to learn how to build a home-home.

He urged all members of the Commission to work hard to get this medal, which has a prestigious and symbolic name; live in the hearts and minds of the Emirates people and their consciences and use their power and ability to support the Commission's efforts to replace its centers and departments to "7 Stars" level The year has the "5 star" rating.