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Updated for Javelin Anthem Everything about a gear. Although enemies and coffins are a great source of new appraisal, scratching is the only best way to get what you want.

AnthemA strong probation system will allow you to develop the best of arms and your best abilities, but it is not always clear how you are expected to do so. In this guide, we will help you to collect the materials and the blue; You need to carry the best gear for your Javelin.

The design materials of the songs

Creating creates new and better versions of weapons and gear you already have. When you raise existing items to a higher upward, you will be able to. deal with more damage and improve better secondary features.

Anthem There are three different spinning materials different: Alloy Chimeric, The Distribution, and Armor PartsSouth West There are also four Ember types of crafting materials: Uncommon, The Weird, The Epic, and Teaching workSouth-West (There are probably story decorations too, although not yet clear). Finally, there are special spinning parts for each of them Anam Javelins.

In this section, we will explain them all.

Which crafting materials that make

AnthemCrafting material has a different effect:

  • Alloy Chimeric and Distribution Being general materials for general purposes that engage in almost everything that you are doing; do AnthemSouth Westerly
  • Armor Parts want make new weapons.
  • Extensions To want to create blue of # 39; genuine. If the object you're trying to do is indirectly (blue), you need to Create Rare Uses.
  • Javelin's specific stuff for crafting things such as support and challenge capabilities designed for specific types of Javelins.

How to get crafting materials

The use of crafting material is nothing. They are found. Here you can see:

  • Alloy Chimeric and Distribution which are plants and rocks during confidence and Freeplay. You can also get rid of them when you eliminate specific gear systems.
  • Armor Parts They are included in some keepers during campaigns and Freeplay. You can also get them to get rid of the weapons.
  • Extensions random fall from a & # 39; cut. You can also get them from destroying items of everything that is special.
  • Parts Javelin They are an overview of parts that are specifically excluded for each Javelin. For example, Ranger Parter Ranger capabilities will always provide Interceptor Components to & # 39; Interceptor Parts.



Blueprints on a restaurant
Find a place

To do anything Anthem, The you need to design it.

Blueprints have scarce levels that determine the state of the object they create, the race, and the resources that they create; they need to carry. Every piece of gear inside Anthem has a portrait. As long as you have the right materials, you can behave (with the lack of reading lines that may exist).

How to get blue-blue

To get blue-gigs you need to fill out specific challenges related to something. All of these challenges can be found in the Anthem challenge chart where it shows what you need to do and what the prize will be to complete the challenge. Higher levels have higher levels of challenge and higher resolution.

Rifle challenge Antiper Deadeye sniper rifle

Challenge for rifle Sniper Anthem & Deadeye
Find a place

Here are the different types of challenges needed to upgrade all types of design:

  • Arms come from a unique challenge of armor. Each weapon has its own challenges, which includes a & # 39; killed by that army.
  • Sigils arm as a result of achieving levels of loyalty with its & # 39; Arcanists' back.
  • Woodland and military components as a result of achieving levels of loyalty with its & # 39; the back of Freelancer.
  • Abilities and elemental parts as a result of achieving levels of loyalty with its & # 39; Sentinel barrier.
  • Javelin abilities comes from a challenge that means you have the ability to fit for a specific number of missions.
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