Boomers would reappear over the weekend: How big would the increase – Economy


The likelihood of the fuel price began to be; fall in December to decline after the dollar increased, almost 10 per cent rise, which affects the $ 40 in every bank in the country.

The truths came to a lower low after the sharp dip in the price of the ground, which was then past; at a barrel, 16 per cent less than when oil companies were correcting local values ​​for the last time to bring in equality.

However, the money can be put forward in the US currency, as well as the 8.34 percent increase in bio-productivity and the tax change resulting from the next month, and # 39 ; Deleting this capacity and at the end of the weekend. new climbing, that is the 15th of 2018.

Tax effects affect prices
The new increase in naphtha is $ 1.10 long & # 39; and a $ 0.75 gasp. The amount that responds to a seasonal increase bid is & # 39; Tariff Transfer Fee (ITC) and Carbon Dioxide Tax (IDC) Tax, as reported by sellers.

The new increase reflects the increase in tax burden. The final change of the ITC and IDC was implemented in September and that amount is valid as of 30 November. On 1 December, this new amendment will be submitted to 28 February. But in March 2019, these fees will be read again.

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