Bora-Hansgrohe is not just about Sagan. We can win several sides in one day, he says


Bratislava, November 19, 2018 (SITA / HSP / Photograph: SITA / AP-Christophe Ena)

The bi-lingual cyclist, Patrick Sagan, was unsuccessful with his unique series of three world title titles in 2018. However, he enjoyed the important benefit of Paris-Roubaix's queen class or the three winning points on Tour de France, and he gave him the sixth green jerseys for the winner of the scoring competition

Pictured by a Slovakian runner, Peter Sagan

"It was a lovely season, but it was long and tough. Indeed, I have had the first impact on the Paris-Roubaix race One of the most important aspects of the year and it was a great pleasure to me. The sixth green game on Tour de France was certainly one of the most important times of the season, as it was It was very difficult to keep at the end of the trip for the unfortunate fall. The pyrenees were finally the mountain two days after I fell, passionate and I suffered a lot of bicycles, "said Peter Sagan in an interview with Sport every day.

In 2018, the Bora-Hansgrohe Leader also won the Belg Belg-Wevelgem, first-class known as "Tour Down Down" and Switzerland. In Pilsen, for the sixth runner-up in Pilsen, he became a warrior for Slovakia in the racing races, when the Czech Republic and Slovec competition compete were alone landlords. However, on a very difficult and rough line in Innsbruck, he did not keep up with the best climbers and after three world-wide competitions, disappeared from the race too fast. "Nothing will last forever. I'm preparing for the next world to fight again," Sagan returned to the top of the session in September.

The second year has been a runner-up in Bora-Hansgrohe and he is sure that this German team is more than a year earlier. And he is not far from his opinion. "It's a fun team in today's cycling, although many people do not understand it. I did not lose myself, I can only do it with thanks and my companion's decision Overall, we were stronger and more prominent in the team. Not only do talents such as Daniel Oss add, but also due to natural development and correct tuning. We can win a number of issues one day, and that's really important, "said Sagan, who sent his deal with the German team by the end of 2021.

The winner of 109 professionally-rated race will begin next week at the Tour Down Under in Australia. The races will start on 13 January. The current season, P. Sagan officially completed the world's finals at the end of September, but a few days ago he jumped to Shanghai, where he The Tour de France jumper won the 60-kilometer local showcase.

"After returning from China, I will relax for a few days. Even this year we will be with the team from December to December in the same place last year – at Mallorca. Traditionally, there are situations Very good, almost every team is preparing, "said Peter Sagan. Ask if he was familiar with his & # 39; His competitive calendar for events in the 2019 season, he replied that he is not yet: "Together with the team, we will be preparing it in December. I can not say much about it yet, but it's obvious that there will be no major changes. Key aims such as Spring Classics and Tour de France and other recurring races or around them, "said P. Sagan for Sport.

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