Border Steam Link, which incorporates it into Software


The company is providing goods support despite the end of the # 39; production.

Visit the life of the small device Steam Links from Valve, who has the responsibility to move content to & # 39; game from computer to television, at the end, Valve gave a call.

The hardship was designed to bring games to the chosen device via an HDMI internet connection and cable. The image was broadcast in Full HD with up to sixty frames each second.

Steam Link should share gaming from consulates to computers. Today, you can download only Google Play app to Android TV that supports the 4K beta, TheVerge said.

The bow is showing how to use the Steam connection

The current has been marketed since 2015. Valve has sold its sale on a European market and the same situation will be expected in the country abroad. However, we should continue to update software.

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