Borderlands 3 officially announced more guns than they ever did


We all knew it was coming, but today Gearbox made him official. During his keynote speech PAX East, the company officially launched it The Borders 3, fans of such series have been waiting a long time for. At the moment, not all of them are aware of their existence, but Gearbox shared a trailer that shows us the characters we don't play and who's against this.

Judging by the trailer, The Borders 3 it seems normal The Borders business. There is a pair of rough criminals who may have gone in some way (usually there are powerful people in the post-apocalyptic world) and a group of four predators who will be the main characters in the game. We have not yet identified their names and capabilities, so it is likely that we will be waiting for that information.

It can be argued that the crew of characters who are visiting the biggest trailer can be seen, and there are many of them. We get views of characters like Lilith, Brick, Tiny Tina, Sir Hammerlock, Maya, Ellie, and indeed, Claptrap. Everyone here, as they say, is therefore expected to see some of the faces on this trip.

When it comes to a story, the trailer makes us leave in the dark, but we see a few different gates that we seem to be visiting in a game. The trailer is coming to an end by revealing that The Borders 3 delivers more than a billion guns – gun counts have been the main marketing reason for the series, but this is the first time that the number has become king.

Return in some new saxophone cars from Brick, and a gun that we walk and got in. Well done! The Borders trailer. More information about Borderlands 3 will come round the loop on 3 April, so we'll be keeping an eye out for that. As we wait, please continue to the ideas section and tell us what you thought about this first time. The Borders 3.

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