Borderlands 3 officially appeared with new hunters, a new world of new living methods and a $ 42 billion billion; for killing and burning


Tthe boys, as the trailer refers to them beautifully, appear to be majestically-coiffed Troy and Tyreen, which seems to steal the magical powers of the Sirens.

The trailer included illean billion guns, including some legs, which seemed to have provided a wide variety of cars for relieving the environment. Fruit, cars and buggies containing huge weapons were all appearance.

As the game looks on it begins on the dusty Pandora horizon, with cultural cultural settlements rising from the dirt (“Give Your In, Bring Your Guns!”), About which the trailer spoke about t saving the worlds', cutting to the home of neon blue skyscrapers glossy. Even if the Borders 3 ‘more, but better '; breaking out of Pandora and introducing an environmental kind of space might be necessary to keep it fresh.

What if I want to play the Borders anymore?

Well, you have a story also on a Gearbox. The company also announced that it will have a recycled version of Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition coming to PS4 and Xbox One next week. It includes updated visuals, the four-player co-op and everyone from the DLC who has been released for the first game. It will also visit PC as a free replacement for the current Borders.

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