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Euwax movements in stock market

Osram driving divisional keys

DAX is breathed into

After the wharf on Monday, DAX makes it tighter on Tuesday
going in and joining

11,330 meters. Good wishes
News. Among other things in the & # 39;

Budget conflict between Italy and the EU. Because of Italian
The Government considers one

Review their budget deficit. The reason according
Market viewers: An

Rome-based consortium parties want not to threaten and do not. threatened
Criminal matters in & # 39;

Drawing on European elections. There is also a place to play in the post
the financial markets, the

Lastly marked by falling prices and disturbance.

The designations from Asia were useful, for example, the
Image of Japanese Nikkei 1.4

Percentage to 22,134 accounts. US stock translation is similar
German market was quiet

Commencement commences. Both S & P 500 Future, including the Dow
Note Jones in the future

Little has changed before the sale, there are some points on Nasdaq

Trump threatens the G20 conference

On the other hand, the dangers of the US president have a burden
Donald Trump in front of the G20

Meeting on the weekend, the criminal cases on Chinese references
extended. So far, the USA

China's foreign exchange penalty tariffs with 250
Billions of dollars. These concerns

Nearly half of all Chinese imports. In "Wall Street
Journal "Trump threatened now too

Penalty payments on those Chinese furniture that come to 267
Billions of dollars for construction

the punitive steps should not be affected
Can be approved.

Trump and Xi want to start on Friday
Meeting G20 meeting in

Buenos Aires Argentineil Capital for a four-eye conversation

Oil and drink prices are delivered

After rising prices yesterday, the prices for the black note
Gold on a nearby Tuesday

Weak percentage. Brent Brabble Barrel in North Sea
is listed at $ 60.43. too

the euro has risen after the recent rise against the US dollar
he returned again and

registered on Tuesday at 1.1317 US dollars.

Trump draws a pound to & # 39; going south

For months, Brexit's uncertainty has a great deal
British Notes. And because of that

The European Union threatens the risk of unlawful risk
according to spectators

It's great that Britain's money continues to climb. Because of that
Agreement to EU countries

the Brexit contract is far out. Which is that
British Parliament on 12

In December, the transit agreement remains controversial.

Now the US President, Donald Trump, depresses the numbers
circulated about it

negotiating agreements. You could, according to Trump

Risk trading agreements. Prime Minister of Britain
he refused

Quickly defined and & # 39; stressing that it was "very clear"
Britain continues

negotiate independently with trade agreements with countries all over the world

Takeover's description is the Osram section management

By describing how to take it, the Osram will be able to; share
clearly. About 15

Percentage, the department goes up to around 39 euros. a & # 39;
Bloomberg Group News

Reporting on Tuesday, announcing ceilidh trips, the financial investor
Remove Capital Check

Subscription for former Siemens subsidiary. Others too
Private justice companies

seems to be watching Osram.

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The Dax is resting today after being out of the week
very acidic

on the way. In addition, car manufacturers "all things" are on the subject
Emotional, Apple will be included

The iPhone X and "Bitcoins" mourn quickly and quickly
JP Morgan Chase. Bastian

Galuschka, a godmode trader trader in an interview with Börse

Watch the video at her & # 39; link the following: https: //www.boerse-

t-tv /? video = 15761


In addition to an interim journey to a negative place
the EUWAX investors

Today, most are optimistic and confident. call
search. Also evening

Note the barometer ideas, the EUWAX feelings program, with a
green sign.

Settlements in trade

Effects for the Osram division are largely due to the price jump
to buy. after that

Share Share about 20 per cent in the meantime, it's been
Evening afternoon

Benefits were removed. For the first time in three months,
Share again the mark of 40

Euro climb. From the top of the top papers at the beginning of the year
This was almost 80 euros

in low in October, under 30 eh, nearly two-thirds of their value

In calls on BYD a profit is also participating
considered. After a short time

Confirmation may be part of Chinese battery makers
get again today.


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