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CD-DD: HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA German

Public notice and publication of people
Meet the senior management team and be in close contact with them

28.03.2019 / 16:40
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1. Information about people who do regulatory work as well as those who do
close contact with them

a) name

Track Title:
First name: Ealasaid
Last name: Fries

2. Reason for the message

a) Position / Status

Position: Board of Directors

b) Original information

3. details of who sent out, the market holder for emissions contributions, t
to the stage at the auction, auctioneer or auctioneer

a) name

HELLA GmbH & Co.. KGaA

b) LEI


4. Business details / items

a) A description of the financial instrument, the instrument type, which is recognized

Type: Division
ISIN: DE000A13SX22

b) Business type

60,000 shares of HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA as part of it

c) Price (s) and volume

Price (s)
0.0 EUR 0.0 EUR

d) Information gathered

Fully filled price
0.0 EUR 0.0 EUR

e) Date of business

2019-03-08; UTC + 1

f) An industrial place

Outside trading post

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28.03.2019 Valid DGAP services include law
Reporting requirements, corporate news / financial news and press releases.
Media archive at http://www.dgap.de

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Language: German
Company: HELLA GmbH & Co.. KGaA
Rixbecker Str. 75
59552 Lippstadt
Internet: www.hella.de/ir

End of Message DGAP News Service
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    ISIN DE000A13SX22

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