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WOLFSBURG / BERLIN (DPA-AFX) – Following dispute over driving
This year, German manufacturers have electric transmissions as they are
economically essential. A view of the
The climate protection objectives are the battery switching system and battery
Hybrid cars wanted politics – the policy now needs to be
The contracts, says a manager, will create information
A stores company.

In the next ten years, there is no other alternative, and no more
Fuel cell with the power of other hydrogen fuel
be ready to make a final result by 2030, he said. This decision is not taken
of course – for example Toyota It was established
the fuel cells.

The leaders of the three German automaker Volkswagen .
Daimler and BMW , Herbert Diess, Dieter
Zetsche and Harald Krüger, as well as President VDA Bernhard Mattes
one another on Wednesday afternoons.

VDA business society wants one between the manufacturers
an fair application paper developed. The short conversation
The controversy between BMW's leadership was enormous
Kruger and VW Diess, Chief Executive of the Group. He changed a lot
posts have not changed after discussion.

President VDA Mattes told the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung"
(Friday), be possible with as many vehicles as possible with battery power and hybrids plug-in
To reach a lot of customers, the basic conditions would have to be right:
“We need more commitment for rapid expansion
the tax infrastructure in Germany and Europe
legal framework. "That can't be."
The approval process for a cost station will be half a year, t
Mattes said.

The valid entry of VW Diess's headteacher resulted in a
A strategy paper that will appear in the industry and also in politics
Recommended. Critics complained that the proposals were too long
Volkswagen tires. The paper states that the previous plans were
Promote the sale and extension of the tax infrastructure for cars
not enough. Essentially, it is about subsidies – as in the
Strategy Paper – future only
Battery vehicles run. Hybrid state subsidies should be
so support the battery car. This was at Kruger
Appeals against that.

Now the makers agreed that there is a movement of electricity
Priority is given to these circles. In the preliminary stage
Maybe it's a freshwater automobile and a hybrid plug-in – according to law
in both cases, electric cars are being encouraged
to achieve wider distribution. In promoting the state
However, car-makers make different priorities
varying options: it should include a VW strategy paper
particularly smaller or cheaper vehicles and so on
People on low incomes and small businesses, BMW and Daimler, are encouraged
on the other hand, cars will be building more.

It is essential to be a well-developed tax infrastructure
Germany and especially in the cities that are not yet there
were given. Manufacturers wanted the information in accordance with rapid political reporting
Conclusions. And: Green electricity provision needs to rise.
This had been the result of last year's energy mix in Germany
bombing and driving or driving with it
Coal stream called “madness”.

Krüger had previously stressed that: "Where I clearly agree,
It's technology openness. ”But this said in the past
Week: "The idea of ​​proxy technology is now wrong." there
referred to other promotional initiatives as well
battery electricity – just the fuel cell, hybrid or
synthetic fuel. Kruger did not manage that
the policy in a significant country makes these makers to do
it could provide fuel / fuel cars

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