Börse Express – WDH: Complainant Klöckner & Co recites a huge decline in earnings at the beginning of the year


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DUISBURG (dpa-AFX) – Klöckner & Co
expects a huge increase in the first quarter of the year; at present
Increased erosion. The pre-tax return, interest and depreciation
It's a huge expectation of 20 to 30 million euros
The value of the previous year, the SDax said registered
An amazing company Monday. It was a previous year
Group operating profit of 56 million euros
Won. Stock price after more than 4 fell to be recognized
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Klöco plans to report on for the whole financial year with his / her;
Publish dates for 2018 on 12 March. For the whole
Last year, its company was last year in October
year-on-year increase in operating profit to € 220 million
promise. The confirmed product should be "clearly clear"

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