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Nuremberg. The game was Monday 22nd of the Bundesliga service; him Nuremberg – BVB Dortmund, The

At a game Nuremberg – BVB Dortmund The BVB coach Lucien Favre team wanted to extend the distance to Bayern again.

Nuremberg – BVB Dortmund in the live box

Most recently, the BVB had to take three heavy tribes over its competition. And on Monday afternoon in Nuremberg work for BVB should not have an impact.

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Nuremberg: Mathenia – Leibold, Mühl, Ewerton, Valentini – Petrak – Lion, Behrens – Kubo – Pereira, Zrelak

Dortmund: Bürki – Wolf, Weigl, Zagadou, Diallo – Delaney, Witsel – Sancho, Philip, Guerreiro – Götze


Nuremberg – Dortmund 0: 0

Objectives: –


90. + 5 minutes: End! The BVB will not enter Nuremberg over 0-0.

90 minutes: There are four more minutes.

86 minutes: Here are just the BVB pictures. Nuremberg wants to save the drag over time.

79 minutes: Let's go to the final stage! Does BVB still marry luckyly in the remaining minutes?

72 minutes: BVB is pushing for the opening goal. First chance for Paco Alcacer! After a sharp cross from the wolf, the Spanish will buy her; a ball over the Nuremberg.

63 minutes: At BVB, Paco Alcacer comes to Phlipp. Can the Super Joker go again after taking a place today?

63 minutes: Götze may not sleep well tonight. The BVB reel will last the next opportunity. This time he is coming at the edge of his house; box to determine and & # 39; placing a centimeter member next to the visit.

60 minutes: Slowly, Nuremberg is back in the game. The guests now carry their own property in half Dortmund.

53 minutes: The next great opportunity for Götze! Sancho is playing observers involved in the Nuremberg republic, and Götze is a " again failed Mathenia glossy.

52 minutes: BVB is a powerful starter. Dortmund is pressing hard for the opening goal. Is the same as 1: 0 for Borussia?

46 minutes: It continues.

45th + 4 minutes: Break! After the first half it's 0: 0. BVB had many problems in the first half an hour, but then they got into the game and they had a good chance. We can look forward to half very good.

44 minutes: Two great opportunities for BVB! Initially Witsel comes in the area of ​​the Nuremberg section to the conclusion. Nuremberg defender causes a dangerous risk to break – net outside! After the corner, Götze is killed at # 39; Death is very dangerous at the goal, and again it's a Mathea crying!

39 minutes: In a few minutes, BVB has increased its weight and is clearly playing on the Nürnberger Tor side. Can Borussia be ahead of the breakdown?

35 minutes: Resolution again! From the edge of the penalty area it has the BVB reel, and Mathena is very good again.

34 minutes: And now BVB has a great chance to finally! Sancho will be typed into the box and its # 39; check Mathenia. The keeper of Nuremberg will allow him to; just drop off. Götze – the next good parry of Mathenia has the extra chance.

29 minutes: Two good opportunities for Nuremberg! Behrens is not free of charge except after an envelope is free and will be a trying to save Bürki strong. At the corner after that, Behrens drops again – but this time just over.

24 minutes: First BVB graduation! Witsel arrives 20 meters in front of the center to the picture. However, the attempt to find Mathenia Belgium can become easy.

22 minutes: It is still a case: Dortmund has a big problem in the machine. Nuremberg is very passionate and comprehensive. For BVBs there was no chance.

13 minutes: At the beginning of its game, Borussia Dortmund has a hard drive and hard work with Nurnbergers, protect and well. So far, however, Nuremberg is not at all.

4th minute: BVB campaigns to control play in the opening minutes. Dortmund has a member, but left the same first but only on the middle line in his own lines back and forth.

1st minute: Kick-off! The ball rolls.

20.10 clock: in 20 minutes it starts. Is BVB expanding the main guide on Bayern back to five points? We know faster.

20:06: Lucien Favre has faced Eurosport's problems: "We've been exploring the last games and we're looking forward now, we really do not want to miss, but we are work on and want to do a big job today and win. "

7.30pm: Not surprisingly in the first BVB: Wolf is a & # 39; start to the right. Hakimi is breathing that is really needed.

16:11: Munich fans already put in on Friday. FC Augsburg FC Bayern 3-2 won a lot of effort. So the deficit has reduced BVB for two times for the time.

14:37: Can BVB return their success to last year's successes in the last four games without a profit? There were two drawings for Borussia Dortmund in the league, 1: 1 in Frankfurt and 3: 3 against Hoffenheim. In a Couple, BVB escapes in a & # 39; A 16-round tour in the fight against Werder Bremen. And in the first leg of the breakdown rates in the European League, he shot 0-3 in front of Tottenham Hotspur.

11:21: For everything, on Sunday there was another bad news for BVB Definitive. Not only does Lucien Favre coach need to take on the attack of his captain Marco Reus. Anti-Tottenham Christian Pulisic has even suffered a bad suffering. So, the Americans have lost, not only against Nuremberg, but at least Sunday in the home match against Bayer Leverkusen. When Pulisic begins, it is not yet clear. Which is also a question mark for a game in Nuremberg, you can read here >>>

10.01 clock: BVB's current situation also featured the "double pass" theme on the Sunday morning. Stefan Effenberg was playing Sport1 Alarm in a & # 39; talk tour. Why are the previous concerns from Bayern-Pro about Bhorussia, you will find here >>>

09.33 clock: Borussia Dortmund needs to have after having problems with games in general become aware of performance. Nuremberg will come as a straight tail light. But the BVB should be warned. He can not win the last two games in Franconia am Borussia. The two drains were pulled 1-1.

08.45 clock: At the same time, the BVB home game was released for the forthcoming season. How to expect, you can see here >>>

7:59: But the Borussia should be warned. Finally, he wants the Nuremberg game after the break of his Andreas Bornemann Sports Board and Michael Köllner coach. In the meantime, the club club tale, Marek Mintal, oversees the Köllner's responsibilities with the " former Boris Schommers company. The club hopes that it will bring new spirits and its incredible impact on the BVB face.

07:03: In the first phase of the BVB the club was involved in individual parts. 7-0, the Favre team rebuilt the FCN home. Dortmund is now trying to burn in Nuremberg again as the soul is in a position. suffer. The starting point is on a clear paper: the BVB Chief Executive will have a & # 39; The tail in Frankenland enjoyed in the game.

Game Game:

  • Resolution: Monday, 18.02.2019, 20.30 clock
  • Location: Max Morlock Stadium
  • Translator: Osmers Harm

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