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Bosasa's old financial officer Andries Johannes van Tonder, who issued his certificate during a state arrest investigation. Photograph: Itumeleng English / News News Agency (ANA)

Johannesburg – The former financial officer, Andries Van Tonder, said on Tuesday that Gavin Watson, the Chief Executive of Bosasa was a way of working and someone who used people for their own.

Van Tonder stood after COO Angelo Agrizzi explosion certificate lasting nine days. Tonderler said that Watson used compulsory prayer meetings early in the morning as a tool for controlling his staff.

"He used these sessions as a tool to prove loyalty to him … he stated that everyone would shout out loudly saying he would have to hear where we stopped. I stopped the prayer meetings, which ended the relationship between us. "

He said it was a sense that Watson had used after examining Bosasa's financial affairs with the US Revenue Services (Sars) in Bossa's solution in 2015.

"I was involved in that search for Bosasa … I was deployed to Sars and was cleansed. After that [the] decision [the] Investigate, our relationship grows worse … I did; Accepting that I needed no more because he had won the case of Sars. "

Watson seems to have started trying to get rid of Van Tonder in 2017, by removing CFO powers from him. Van Tonder said he was no longer allowed to obtain the financial information of his company, communications banks or auditors.

"He gave me instructions that I would be involved in building a copper distribution center opposite the Bosasa headquarters. He asked me to leave my position and move to the floor of the copper rod for a long time , I did not. It was not clear what he wanted to do … at one level in a meeting, he said he wanted me on the road … I explained that he wanted I have been a retailer for my planting … I can see it & crash error settings. "

Watson promised to be close to senior citizens and politicians, Public workers threatened, Van Tonder said.

"Gavin would be disrupted by staff in public and threatening the fire in person. He would do it at any time that they had any issues … or for determining a point.

It was a strong environment and I could not be there any more. Watson was scared and I'm still doing today … it was tied to higher people in the government and many of these famous people visited Bosas's offices all the time, "said e.

He removed people who did the dirty work …. Gavin would make them a break after they gave the reason. He tried even to get rid of [shareholder] Dr Smith. He met a meeting with me to talk about ways to rid Mac a Smith. "

Van Tonder became a company in 1995 and worked as a financial clerk. One of the current shareholders, Fannie Van Zyl, named a meeting to indicate that the company would introduce new shareholders to get more business opportunities.

His company was renamed Dyambu Holdings in 2000 and new producers – Watson and Danny Mansell have progressed. Van Tonder received evidence that the division had changed over the years, and then it was discovered that the Bosas Group had been on its behalf; company, with Watson at the helm.

He said that in 2017 Agrizzi asked for a secretly recorded video of Watson in the cash service to show that he was directly involved in sending bubbles to officers government only on state benefit agreements.

A video was inserted as evidence of Agrizzi certification. Van Tonder said he had previously packed and left Bosasa in November 2017, after one of the activists told him that Watson was in a position; Van Tonder believed that she was drawing out of old Jacob Zuma's former president's presence on her. president.

"I have never seen those paintings and I have never been able to find it. That day, I left me … I applied a Bosasa split agreement." Van Tonder said.

Bosasa, a resource manager and a security company now known as Global Global Africa, who supported Zuma's date parties and even designing their birthday birthday cakes, with the Bosasa logo.

Agrizzi added to the commission that the founder of the Jacob Zuma wanted Bosasa's help at her; Last minute to organize and pay activities, including the celebration of Zuma's birthday. Bosasa had paid more than R3 million by 2016, for foundation events.

According to Agrizzi, the chairman of the Dudu Myeni R300,000 funder got a monthly basis because it was close to Zuma. The old president also received R300 000 money that Watson gave to Zuma at his Nkandla homestead in KwaZulu-Natal, Agrizzi said to her; commissioned.

Van Tonder will continue to sit on Wednesday.

African News Agency (ANA)

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