Botafogo will build Parana for a & # 39; claiming Jefferson well and reinforcing himself in South America


Botafogo arrives in the Paraná park against 20 hours a Monday in Engenhão for a long farewell farewell to her. Jefferson garden, who will make the last game of his career, and, in addition, make sure in the next American magazine. The duel is valid for the 37th and thirty of the Brazilian Championship.

In his final activity, Jefferson 's special shirt, with the blue and gray colors, has a special shirt; describes the most spectacular wedding dress that had been spent for Botafogo for more than ten years. The material was made as part of his honor for his beautiful tale that was built on the team. Party alcohol also has the first 10,000 fans who have a " Go into the stadium, banister, banners and activities with children.

"I admit that the album is now falling. I've been preparing to retire from time to time. I'm very emotional about those days. Going through this, but it's very tough. This is a generic for the last time. Jefferson said in his final interview before he caught his fingers.

Jefferson makes his 459 game number, which makes the third athlete a & # 39; placing a botafogo record often, except Garrincha (612) and Nilton Santos (721). In his position for 18 years, the keeper, published by Cruzeiro, through America-SP, Trabzonspor and Konyaspor, both in Turkey, as well as being a national team defense in Brazil.

As well as giving Jefferson, Botafogo, a pleasure to the actress, they were impressed after a spectacular running of four straight and attractive prizes in the & # 39; final game against Santos, playing to confirm the place in the Sudamericana Cup. You do not have to connect to the existing parson, which is already down. So, it would go to 49 points and did not; It can be less than the 13th place, the last one among the teams that goes to the South American championship.

The great news about the team in the duellan is to be John Paul. Getting rid of seriously injured on the leg, reconnecting the middle of its; park after eight months and could return to the field. João Paulo had tibia and break his teeth in an appeal with Rildo, from Vasco, at the end of March.

The line should be very similar to the one drawn by Santos in the previous visit. It's not just how Matheus Fernandes got the third yellow and he's hanged. Dudu Cearense should be a new place. The Defender, Joel Carli, will be replaced by shoulder behaviors.

PARANÁ A & # 39; CUR A & # 39; CURRENCY FOR 2019

With Paraná's situation defined in a Brazilian Championship, and diminished and diminished, technician Dado Cavalcanti has used the last two positions to continue. Exercising tests, focusing on the next season. And this will take place on Monday, at 8pm, when the team is going to; look at Botafogo.

Just receiving 22 points, Paraná bets the foundation of youngsters for the next season. Dado Cavalcanti has not shown that the beginner team is just a young assault problem to include Keslley, Alesson and Andrey.

Without limiting players, Paraná has only two breaks. Mansur and Rodrigo Carioca are injured and do not play. As a result of the tests that could connect to the leader of Palmeiras leaders 1 to 1, Keslley could win another chance.

Forgotten in the wall, Felipe Augusto has been very active and can start to start again. The rest of the team needs to keep the sound foundation that started the case 1 to 0 for its & # 39; Cheara, in the last round.

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