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钜 亨 网 / NOWnews

The US Office of Representatives of the US (USTR) Tuesday (20th) opposed China that did not change its "unbalanced" approach to the heart of the US trade conflict. It is expected that the US President Trump will meet with President Xi Jinping at the end of the month, and it is expected that there will be an increase between the two sides.

SA Commercial Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement on Tuesday that his group has completed the "Section 301" inspection for a subject of March 2018 inspection.The updating report shows that China did not fundamentally alter the unfair, unreasonable and market practices.South Westerly

The Office of Representatives of Trade said that China did not respond helpfully and did not take rigorous actions to solve the concerns of the US. The report also said that the original Chinese response has clearly stated that it will not change its policy.

The Office of Representatives of Trade said Jane continues to & # 39; implement and support the policy for a & # 39; steal US intellectual property over the internet, and still adhere to discrimination technology restrictions.

The report said that, while China stopped some of its foreign ownership restrictions, it was still blocking the # 39; using commercial investment constraints to request a request or to move SA companies to move technology to Chinese companies.

Although Trump and Xi Jinping are planning to meet at the end of the month, the trade war between the two countries has climbed and distributed to the Asia Pacific Pacific Economic Partnership (APEC) summit held last year. The Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, said the APEC did not certify, mostly because individual economies were experiencing; keep out of their own texts and defender "out". This is thought to be Washington's criticism.

Section 301 on the United States sent to set targets on Chinese goods worth $ 50 billion, and then expand to $ 250 billion. Former Chief Executive Mike Pence said on Saturday that China will not continue the US request, the United States will not engage in trade in conflict and, they may double up deposits.

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