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Botox Party: a woman's illness that ended in hospital due to her lips spread

It was a simple remedy to increase the extent of his lips to terminate in a pioneering knowledge that led to his / her; This woman is starting a campaign to regulate those customs in the United Kingdom.

Her mouth heard that they heard her nose.

Rachael Knappier, 29, said "he was spread"after a biologist completed his bills at a" Botox party "at a UK friend's house.

That night, after Botox was spoiled, the material used to cover wrinkles increase in size From the bills, Knappier started to feel bad.

"I heard of pain, "he remembers.

After that he stopped his feelings. "I had them in size ever I saw, "said Knappier.

At that time he named the psychologist who had been cured.

Rachael Knappier
His mouth blew so large that they heard his nose.

"He told me to ice it up and to get antihistamine, but my lips were growing," he says.

"Then he started shouting at me Go to the emergency room! & # 39;"


Knappier went on to the hospital, but told him they would not complete their bills, but they did not. make sure it was not there endangered immediately

According to his story, Knappier to throw them up and whispered, and did not leave his house for seven days.

Rachael Knappier
This was how Rachael Knappier was watching before putting Botox into.

He finally went to a clinic where he was spread The Botox and 72 hours later returned their bills to their normal size.

Dr. Natalie Boyd, from the medical center present, says she believes that Knappier suffered him spread.

According to Boyd, this may have happened because Botox has been thrown into "or around an artery or vein, which causes a hard trip swelling and compression. "

"He left me heavy, I do not want this or the worst thing enemy"he said.

Since then, Knappier has started a campaign so that this type of medicine can only be done doctors, nurses or dentists.

Rachael Knappier
Knappier started a campaign for the regulation of medicine in the United Kingdom.


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