Bou does not continue in Races: the latest news about Superliga


Bomba: Bou is not Continued in Races

The stripper, Gustavo Bou, is searching for the hours to pull her contract off with Avellaneda's Racing, which was six months left.

Tijuana Mexico is in Pas Bou, although it could be in Chile's football at the Catholic University.

Alexi Gómez, strengthening Gymnastics.

The athletics closed in the corporate piping booklet Alexi Gómez

The Platea's Athletics and Laundry Factory was hosted by his first player Alexi Gómez, The first is the new season, which comes to the request of the coach Pedro Troglio, and the leadership of his / her happy club was to return to her; pharmacist Franco Mussis, formerly in the Lorenzo, was looking to restart the Argentine Super League Argentina de Fútbol (SAF) competition.

The Peruvian, 25-year-old park was the last season with the United States Minnesota United States MLS, led by Troglio in Universitario, Peru.

They look for Armani

River Plate's backbone Franco Armani is "happy" in the club, but his producer revealed that "several teams" Consult him before the preseason starts in Uruguay.

"A number of teams are consulted by Armani, but he says things are happening at that time, the River needs to be calm, if it comes out it will not be from one day to the next one, "said Martín Aráoz in a conversation with Rivadavia radio.

"I think there's no surprise in this travel book, Franco is very comfortable and happy with the River," said Aráoz.

Professor Gabriel Hauche returned to Young Juniors

The strike strike Gabriel Hauche today returned to Juniors Argentinos after signing his contract until June 30, 2020, according to the official Twitter account. club.

Hauche, 32, receives his second visit to the La Paternal center after moving between 2006 and 2009.

The old Temperley and Races, coming from Millonarios de Colombia, will also be sent to it. free license, to do tomorrow the medical examination.

Independiente will interact with "Papu" Gómez

He sent independently to the player, Alejandro "Papu" Gomez, captain Atalanta, Italy, long and as he explained selling the strikeman Emmanuel Gigliotti to Toluca, Mexico.

Hugo Moyano, president of the club, said today that they started "conversation" with "Papu" Gómez, who is " playing from 2014 in Atalanta.

"There's a conversation but it's still uncertain, the last one has decided," said Moyano in radio 10.

A Patron will send a booklet and a & # 39; going to preseason

The Gabriel Compagnucci midfielder and the Ignacio Cacheiro strike play a part in the Paraná Support Team team, at the start of the preseason work for the second half of the Super League, recited by the club from Entre Ríos.

The team is led by Mario Sciacqua who starts the preseason at an evening at 17 in the place "La Capillita" with 27 players. Counting both additions, and with the defeat of Facundo Barcelo and Mauricio Sperdutti.

Alonso Òg, Paraguayan defender near Boca.

Alosso, Paraguayan defender, is near to join Boca

Alonso, a Paraguayan defender, today said that his partners of Celta de Vigo are delighted and everything is ready to be the first strengthening of Boca Juniors an t- This season, according to Spanish media.

Osmar Òg, Ignacio Alonso, a full name, is the main defender and came to Celta de Vigo in mid-2018, when Antonio Mohamed was a coach of the team, where he played nine games.

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