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© Reuters. It was possible to recover correctly but for the MosBirzh Rubel Index – What was expected, on Tuesday, a Russian market was back after a sharp correction on Sunday afternoon in the Kerch Strait. And, also allegedly, he could get back, except for Rubhale – when he was at 2290 p. On an afternoon, he finished Tuesday just under the level of 2340 p. Only three points closed Friday. The index should have to be worse: when it closed Friday over 1110 p. And traveling Monday to 1080 p., He then put each Tuesday in the passage 1095-1100 p.

It is not difficult to estimate that the MosBirzy Index is very grateful for this moment to grow in the Ruble. Last day closing at around 67.1, constantly reinforced in the morning to 66.5 rubles. – and then even more smooth before 19.00 Moscow time he returned to his previous posts.

"Last Friday, the market has had a strong impact on the decline in oil prices, but then they set up, and against this background, Russian stocks still have a" #; look cheap. So, as soon as world markets fall, the Russian market is trying to grow. On Monday, it was an emotional response. In most cases, there were no hard statements from the West, and the market does not see any major risks, "said Alpha Capital, the departmental manager of Edward Capital.

It is not worth the hope of realization of realization: in total, there is not much advanced in the world market. "Today, everything added, it was not just a Russian history, all the funds of developing countries were bad," said Oleg Kuzmin, capitalist of Capital of Revival. "And it's good enough, as long as the history of the world will affect us, if we see other markets to move and that nothing happens in our country, that will mean total isolation. "

There is an opportunity to revive the world market – and this will support Russian stocks. "We can expect to reduce the Deer money policy – more and more of the members of the Federal Open Market Group Committee (FOMC) they are supposed to have no need for a hard deal, "said Edward Kharin. At the same time, this is not just enough to launch the" New Year Rally ". We need good news – for example, to combat a trade war problem with China, but this is unlikely. However, even though the parties do not agree, it is enough that the United States will introduce new duties – one advanced and one-neutral event can be a good background, "it is think.

Regarding future expectations of Russia, the ideas are different. "Recently, the barrel has fallen at a price of $ 20, and the dollar has risen at cost with just a few rubles. Everyone recognizes that the Ministry of Finance will, again going to the market in January by buying money, so it's not worth talking about rubbing to oil, "Oleg Kuzmin is sure. His colleague, on the other hand, believes that the development of the position can be on the # 39; the Ruble oil market. "Although there is hope for OPEC + approval to reduce oil production. The oil income bend has been suspended for a long time, now it has got a normal format and this gives hope that oil can still grow: earlier market partners appeared that their price would fall down – the next incentive was cheaper, now each contract is more expensive "- notes by Oleg Kharin.

However, current oil prices do not always provide reasons for confidence: after they have been able to do so. Finally, the Brent barrel, which rises in the price Monday to Monday from $ 58.5 to $ 61, suddenly fell to a maximum of $ 59.6.

(The text was prepared by Daniel Zhelobanov)

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