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11/27/2018 2:03 PM PST

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2:01 PM PT – A source tells us that Beth just's surgery has come to an end, and now it has been introduced into a revival. We tell us that his family will have a better idea of ​​how the procedure has been elaborated. Beth Chapman – wife of Bounty Hunter 's Dog – moved to surgery to prevent life in the top … TMZ has been ratified.

Stories tell us that it was hard for What to breathe overnight and it was taken to the Cedars-Senai Medical Center early on Tuesday morning … where the great doctors got inside.

Our sources say that Beth was just under anesthesia within the last 30 minutes and her emergency center is about to begin.

We saw Dog and Beth leaving Craig in West Hollywood on London's night – they seemed to be really good – with an interesting mind Tekashi69s death situationSouth-West It is clear that things have done the worst one thing ever and never; they got home.

Beth started last year to remove cancer from her neck, but she was found to be free of cancer.

The family advocate, Andrew Brettler, tells us that the situation of Beth is important and everyone hopes the best result.

We tell us that Dog is at Beth Beth's hospital, and there are more families on the way.

First published – 11:50 AM PST

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