Bourse earns 11.8 billion pounds for Egyptian and Arabian thanks


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The stock money generates 11.8 billion pounds due to Egyptian and Arabian affairs from the Schoolmaster site, Sunday 18 November 2018.

Bourse earns 11.8 billion pounds for Egyptian and Arabian thanks

Mohamed Sobeih Published in the replica of the country on 18-11 – 2018

The Exchange Stock Egypt (EGX) received 11.8 billion pounds after its closure at EGP 791.462 billion, after sales from the Egyptian and Arab sellers.
The amount of trading on the 265 million security shares worth 1.9 billion pounds, by & # 39; adding 28.9 miles to 174 companies, the Egyptian trade 48.02% of all the businesses, although 3.18% felt that the Arabs and Arabs were 48.8 % during the session Tadawul today, with institutions reporting 42.50% of stock exchange transactions, and rest of the business for 57.49%.
The bare Egyptian business, the Arabians and foreign countries and foreign venues for EGP 355.9 million, EGP 850.5 million, EGP 7.5 million and EGP 56.3 million. B & # 39; The net value of the EGP Egyptian and Arab companies is 419.4 million, EGP 850.8 million, separately.
EGX30 index list rose 2.10% for closing 13968 points. EGX 50 indexes increase 1.95% to close at 2225 points. The EGX20 timetable jumped 2.39% to 13760 points.
Index EGX70 rises 0.47% to 698 points. The EGX 0.84% ​​index was closed for closing at 1752 points. Nail Stock Exchange indexes received 0.31% to reach 473 points.
Sections of 111 companies closed at the end of trade, with 29 companies down, and 33 companies were still unchanged.

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