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Charlene Lim's sporting philosophy is covered in one word: The struggle.

It was confirmed that severe age lymphocytic leukemia, aged 19, was a cancer problem of the white blood cells, when it was three. He was cured four years later.

She also added taekwondo last year to improve the balance and strength of the foot and it benefits from a blue belt in the military work.

But yesterday, the Polytechnic of the Republic student did not have to fight too hard, when she was in a while; traveled to game 203-155 on Geraldine Ng to record the women's title in the 49th Singapore National Championship at the Singer Single Center of SingaporeBowling @ Rifle.

Graduate of the Sports School of Singapore was the third place in certification, behind Shayna Ng and Joy Yap, but presented a 10-game Masters division yesterday to jump up in the finals three-archer.

Ng, 32, was away from the national company Jazreel Tan 209-204 in the # 39; first stage of the final, before losing to Lim.

Lim said: "I'm very happy; I always wanted to win the national competitions but I did not think I would do it as soon as possible.

"I was not hitting that building when the competition started on Monday, but I started to do better since Wednesday as I made changes to my game, equipment and decision making."

She had more reason to mark yesterday after being nominated as the Singapore Bowling Youth Singer of the Year Youth Bowler for her last year's performance. Cherie Tan won the Bowler gang of the Year.

Younger fans also succeeded in the men's final competition, when Jmadond Chia, 18, hit Ahmad Safwan Shamsudin 195-223, 255-233, who is 21 years old to win the title of win men.

Chia's suffering was unhappy from a page on his mid-south, southern-winged branch with Safwan, but came upstairs.

"The skin was compromising at the competition but it grew better when I stopped after trying to certify," said He is an Anglo-Chinese Junior College student in his first year.

"He grew worse in his Schoolmaster today and went back to the final, but I had to take hold of his pain.

"During the finals, I advised my friends that the first game was not too important. I talked to having accessed my computer through the first game and I returned second. "

There was also a lot of good news for the young people, as Jessie Phua's president of the Singapore Bowling Federation said to the Sunday Times that he aims to save at least two female husbands and not to # 39; getting previous game matches for the SEA Games in the Philippines next year.

She said: "We have already circulated the information to the teams, we will ensure that both of us have missed the big Games in the women's team .

"Give us, we recognize that there is some gap between our first-level and emerging campaigns and the SEA Games are a great place for the archers who coming up. "

She said that the men's crew will be the best of the best six bowlers, whatever their knowledge; at the big Games.

The SBF had attempted to introduce a similar policy for this year's Asian Games, but had to return to the top six bosses after a meeting with the Singapore National Olympic Council and the Singapore Sports Institute after concerns.

The team returned from Jakarta with two claws – gutted from the previous campaign in 2014, when they won gold, two masts and bronze.

Ask what lessons the SBF learned from the election election this year, Phua said: "We knew what the problem was at the beginning of the year, so we were We hope we would give us the opportunity we would do.

"We are not happy with the outcome but it's a case," We told you like that. "It's a huge price to pay the lesson, but we hope that the team of women will come back stronger and better and to achieve their performance they deserve merit because they are world camps. "

Ask if this election policy would bring a team to; It is possible to challenge medals, Phua said: "I do not think that the emerging bowds are going on.

"The truth is that you have to face the competition level that is out at any time.

"If you cast your ear in the ring and if you want to be selected for a Singapore representation, you should be up to the test."

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