Boxer Deontay Wilder: "I'd like to know about birth"


The unusual musician, who defends his title Saturday against Tyson Fury boxers in Los Angeles, has "the most powerful women on earth."

Use him to want to punish the circle, the American Deontay Wilder Dexter Wilder has surprised the locals and strangers by interviewing in an interview that he would like to "know" birth.

"If they have ever created something that will allow a child to carry a child [en su vientre], I want to sign up there, "said the heavy musician in a special interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph." Tell me to my sweetheart: "We'll take a baby and I will take it [en mi vientre]& # 39; I would like to find out what women are feeling when they bring life to this world"he said.

The uncommon journalist, who defends his title Saturday against Tyson Fury British boxers in Los Angeles, said "women are the most powerful on earth."

At 33, Wilder is the father of six children, who was with his wife, and brought up his partner's daughter; at present. The gamekeeper was sure that was At home it looks like "Mother Goose" because it is a pack to & # 39; His children "six or seven times a day" and he loves them all.

As the accordion identifies, her daughter Naieya, 13, is a & n; suffering from spina bifida, which gives much of the inner strength in the circle. "The reason I got into the box is. You do not know what love to have your baby. And that's so true. It's a spirit of fighting, "said Wilder.

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