Boxing, and play, and # 39; sing and find Khalifa Nasser Al Kasabi .. Super-talented talents; First program of "Young Stars" by Ahmed Hilmi


The "Little Stars Stars – Young Stars" program opened by Ahmed Helmi on the MBC screen. The program has seen a number of specific talents that attract public awareness and they have been. Speaking last night on social network sites.

Ahmed Helmy in the program

Girl playing with her eyes covered with blind

One of the most unique talents in the & # 39; first program of the girl's "Young Stars" Tara El Khoury, Where she played a piece of music full of her piano and turned her eyes, where she was very wroth Ahmed Helmy And the audience played and played, and played another with her mother.

Child to "Murray Tai"

The second is the baby's talent Ramadan Ondash Showcases his ability in the sporting "Muay Thai" sport, and Ramadan made sport very quickly and strongly, earned the respect of the people and the artist Ahmed Helmy Who brought him in his hand.

A child publishes his talent

The girl Basil Atrash He presented his talented poetry in the first episodes of the program, where he had a set of poems from her office, through the program, which influenced the artist Ahmed Helmy And the audience inside the theater, where my brother sent a dream to the girl Rihan, and told her that she had stolen these verses, as well as her talent and a piece poetry.

A Saudi girl gives a spectacle to the audience with the beauty of her voice

She did Lama Khaled From Saudi Arabia to showcase his talent for singing, and he has given two artists "But my heart" the artist Majed Al Mohandes, And he confirmed that the song was a reason for finding his talent and the beauty of his voice, and the second "thousand-hour" song of the artist Abdul Majid Abdullah, And he explained that she would revive the nightlife of her home.

A child expresses Ahmed Hilmi with his strong memories

The child came on Adham Shafiq In visual art Ahmed Helmy, Due to its great memory and its ability to find many countries on the world map.

Khalifa Nasser Al Kasabi

The Saudi Child Mohamed El Harbi Who was named as the star fan Nasser Al Kasabi, He decided to participate in the "Stars Stars" program, and for presentation to work, with confidence and self-esteem, stress it Gu Ahmed Helmy Performing stars that are & # 39; passing Al-Qasabi star.

It is worth saying that the artist is Ahmed Helmy In each piece, a group of children talk in short and different meetings, with two parts. It's a conversation; in the first instance in a simple and simple way. There is a variety of conversations based on the talent, age, answers and communication capacity of each child. Theater.

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