Boy or daughter? Sophia Vegas shows the baby's sex


He can not be long: Sophia Vegas will be the mother for her first time in & # 39; new year. Now, the jungle princess in 2016 has shown the genre she can look forward.

The "Celebrity Big Brother" relay was surprising this year: On a day two in the goat, Sophia Vegas hit the bomb. King Roy Bert Wollersheim is ahead of the beginning, and expects to be her first child at the age of 31. Quickly the questions are raised. Who is the father? I am a boy or a girl; there?

"A little girl is great!"

Little, Sophia Vegas names more and more information about being heavy. Now, the fact star has also revealed the sex of a child. The fairy with the weaver and her lover gets a girl.

"I think it's good for every woman to put a little girl in clothes, a little girl is very good!" The mother told her; expected in an interview with RTL. The mystery of the sex was shown to Sophia Vegas at the moment of her child on Thanksgiving.

Daniel Teàrlach, an American entrepreneur, is the child's father. Sophia and her 21-year-old friend have been dating back from the beginning of the year. He had started in a private club in Los Angeles. The parents who expect to & # 39; live together in Beverly Hills, where they also want to live when their baby was born. There are five other children at business, three of them live with her; couple in a spectacular three-millionth-dumb room in LA.

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