Bratuskov in a way of employing a regulator


If Alenka Bratušek and Jože P. Damijan were supporting Jože P. Damijan as their government, the new bank could be replaced by the December session, but FEB supported Igor Masten. Different relationships in partnership.

After the President of the Borut Pahor Republic met Prime Minister Primorska Dolenc in October, the head of the country now opens the opening of a second chapter; Finding the first person in the middle of the bank. Today, official organizations start to & # 39; Consultation on the election of the candidate for the Governor of the Slovenia Bank. They stand for the position Jože Damijan, Igor Masten, Boštjan Vasle, Eva Lorenčič there Tomaž Toplak, according to its president's plans, the legislation should decide on the new governor of the December session. The Bank of Slovenia has been a government since April. Secretary General of Pahor Office Natasa Kovac Today and tomorrow visit the heads of the former groups. "The first round of consultations will be sent to the posts of the parliamentary bodies in relation to five candidates for the Governor of the Slovenia Bank," they said. The second round of consultations will be held next week, maybe Tuesday and Wednesday, when President Pahor and deputy agencies need to confirm whether the support is required by Members of Parliament; One of the candidates who enjoy meeting with high professional criteria is popular. But for now, nothing seems to have Pahor easier work in the second attempt.

Damian is closer to her support

According to non-official data among the registered candidates, the highest professor of the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, Masten and Damijan. The first is a & # 39; supported by the opponents right and in Alenka Bratušek Party, Minister for Government Infrastructure Marjan Sarac. However, Damian has a strong support from three government parties, LMŠ, SD, Desusa, and the Levice partnership partnership. At the same time SMC remains a prime minister Look at Cerar without doubt or unhappy to the second one of the final two. As we learned, the SMC would be willing to support the surrounding candidate of the united partnership.

A partnership discussion with a regulator and retiring

So Cerar is ready to support Damian if the agreement is to be agreed, but the former Minister of Development has already been in his / her. The first government of Jansa was greatly opposed to Bratuskov. They say they will support the candidate with two support: broad political support, "as he would be more than an order as the Governor of the Slovenia Bank, and that he could fully accomplish himself with the This work ", while at the same time, the applicant will be" a well-known expert expert in banking, which is essential for an important center such as the Slovenia Bank. "" Oat is meeting it, "they say at Bratuskova. However, Masten has no political support, since his partnership, of which Bratuskov is part of his party, mainly supported by Damian. According to unofficial proposals, they would be willing to maintain and support the SMC if they found themselves to be language on the screen. The President of the Public also has to remember the & a conservation plan and may ask the third applicant, either among those already registered (among them, the current Tank representative may also be appropriate to some of the deputy- groups Boštjan Vasle) or any other person who has not expressed an interest in the work of the regulator.

Bratuskova has an open side

It is said that relationships in the partnership are powered by Bratuskov, that is why information is generated; It is also circulated that even Sharek's First Minister has; lose patience with his colleague. Among other things, as his first minister left government rooms, Marko Bandelli from her party quota. But this is not the only reason for despair. There is also a conflict in partnership on the # 39; link between the old prime minister Sìth Cerar and Bratuskovo for the second round, but perhaps the largest among the campaigner of the party Desus, the defense minister Karl Erjavec, and the old prime minister. As we learned, they had their word on Saturday's partnership; going up to the extent that Erjavec left a friend of the early meetings of the partners. As is enough, Bratushkova and his party have been carefully chosen by their election base.

Who is "more" for pensioners?
Winner Desusa Erjavec and leader of this party's party Franc Jurša They have confirmed that their main host agency is not Saturday, what they are going to do; Increase the cash for pensioners' pensions and how to pay them. In Desus, they will include payment at five inches, according to Alenka Bratušek, SAB is a & # 39; recommend that they are paid in two pounds. Erjavec did not want to comment on this hard recommendation today, but it is surprising that such a proposal, which, accordingly, is astonished. reduce the amount of money than Desus is a recommendation, a & # 39; supported by the president of the Association of Sons of Sensors Janez SušnikSub-According To the Erjavec's proposal, there are EUR 40 million more for pensioners and there is no BID recommendation, "so I think their interests are praising me," said Sušnik , Erjavec in Brussels. Bratuskova said he had agreed at the partnership meeting, and including the Minister for Finance, that an extra £ 33 million should be paid to pay the installment this year (in those frames, their proposal should also be recommended), Erjavec said that the agree additional sums. (stand)

He recently asked for a special consensus top because he could run out of money to cut waiting times in healthcare and to regulate pensions (increasing the percentage to 63 per cent and determine the annual allowance or route) if the government gives more (more) money to deal with public sector trade unions. Bratuskova said the consensus agreement was a priority, which the government can not give due to agreement by the public sector. At the same time, these are the issues caused by the Erjavec campaigner to be particularly skilled in the & # 39; and so it is not surprising that they climbed together.

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