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There was a symbolic view of the difficulties of students in São Paulo due to military dictatorship, the environment of the Mackenzie-Mackenzie University as a restful place between students and military personnel on Wednesday afternoons. A Jair Bolsonaro trip was due to take place just a few days after he was celebrated in 1964 (which turns 55 next day April) as a result of relief between university students, t which celebrated a series of behavior for the president. . The trip is that if there was to be research into graphene research (a substance used in engineering engineering technology), the question is much more symbolic: about 50 years ago, the place was central. There has been a controversy between Mackenzie students who supported the dictatorship and USP students who are against the system. The situation within the university has changed, and the student movement made it clear that Bolsonaro – his first president to open up his dictatorship from revival – was not welcome. But the voyage was canceled, but despite this Bolsonaro supporters and opponents took part in the university's gates and presented scenes of difficulty and dialogue that will make Brazil their foreground. T .

"I prefer freedom, I don't want Brazil to be unfair or secret," he named Gabriel Rodrigues, a secondary school pupil, 18, to armed forces supporting Bolsonaro in the middle of an edited debate. the right to listen to all the efforts and efforts of everyone. He went to the University of Mackenzie to take part in the act. "Mackenzie is and I do not mark the 64th envelope," but he says that the supporter of the head cursed him for the shirt he put on with the phrase "The big house will be when the senzala learns to read ". As he reveals his reaction, other witnesses are breaking into several times that argue that he has suffered when he cursed the previous Bolshevik moments. "He shouted me to be a captain in the cupboard and he put his finger in my head, I didn't want to take it out to be young, but it's horrible, right?" The woman said, she didn't name himself. "You must listen to her version, which is a black woman, no," said another pro-Bolsonaro campaigner. Because they can't stop the interview, the reporter is disturbed, "You kicked a black woman, who wouldn't hear you?" But she didn't interview. Press fans are continuing to worry about trying to wake up the comment while sending real-time videos to the internet.

This is an evening in the evening and the mood is rising on either side. Supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro accept the university's face, with a sound box and a microphone, placing "laft Nutella" into Venezuela "by singing the national hymn. T Brazilian materials and campaign materials from the president, these are in support of Bolsonaro at a time of great mass-collapse, and the majority of the group are elderly people. But inside the university, Bolsonaro supporters also came to greet the president, who were all there to influence him t High-school and university students, who have been, on Wednesday morning, having complained against the president and the dictatorship of the army, under the shout of "Bolsonaro, a fascistinha, the MacKenzies will go online."

Campaigners in action against army dictatorship, within University of Mackenzie
Campaigners in action against army dictatorship, within University of Mackenzie

In the morning, the students shut down Maria Antonia Street, an important article in the center of São Paulo which lived in historical conflicts in 1968. The autobiographical battle of Maria Antonia began at the time of AI-5, the righteous runner-up. system. following the student of Mackenzie, the USP student funded a fee for a partnership of the National Student Authority (UNE), they threw a egg of wheels. t Students from the two universities attacked each other with rockets, rockets, Molotov's cocktails and bullets. This controversy continued until the USP was raised and completed when 20-year-old Colégio Marina Cintra, a student of José Guimarães, died on a 20-year sprint when it passed through the area. Since the end of the dictatorship, there has been a student movement in the university who is trying to connect themselves from the maker's and supporter's coup. "After 50 years of the Battle of Maria Antonia, we show that we are, mackenzistas, on the right hand side of the story," said the arrangement of the act, in an event created on Facebook.

"I didn't have such communist in my day," said old Mackenzie student Cristina Rocha. Her military daughter, she studied plastic art at the university at the time of the Battle of Maria Antonia, but did not take part in the campaigns. "My former husband was coming from the Communist Forces Order here from Mackenzie, but I was more worried about taking care of my house and my daughter," he said. She says that there was a small, centralized movement at that time and she regrets that universities have promised to the left. Four years ago, Cristina takes part in an independent group and goes to the streets to fight on the left. Last week she went to MacKenzie with the assistant of Carlos Brilhante Ustra. "In battle, I opposed the dictator, I fell in the conversation of Mr Lula, the army was playing very importantly, and we did not value it." 'For this reason, a new Highland Dictation was to be justified if there is a threat of any designation “dictatorship of the proletariat” or “attempting to convert Brazil”. to Cuba. ”“ The war is war. If you come out here, I'll show you. [na ditadura]"he is saying.

Carlos Eduardo, a student with law who reached Mackenzie's Presbyterian Church, said there was a campaigner for capturing Bolsonaro. Taking account of the check that Michelle Bolsonaro's first wife, Fabrício Queiroz, received her in a survey of orange workers in the office of the president's son, Flávio. Military troops leave "homeless" and "go to work", and it decides to go into university quickly. Secondary students will like to face the president back, saying "it is a shame to support milico". New set of fixed berths. Secondary schools argue that a president can not be supported until it can ensure racism, homophobia, and military dictatorship. The accused responds, "That's what makes a professor in sociology and philosophy. The scores come back. On one side, showers are shouting," Lula calls. On the other hand, students answer: "Lula, a robber, my heart stole."

Cristina Rocha, a student at the University of Mackenzie, was against the dictatorship at the Battle of Maria Antonia. Today he protects his rule
Cristina Rocha, a student at the University of Mackenzie, was against the dictatorship at the Battle of Maria Antonia. Today he protects his rule

It is nearly 2pm. Within the university, the structure put in place to get the president, such as the insertion of a small pulpit and the small free coffee, already being dismantled. Outside, security guards are control of the street, and campaigners are dispersing. There are small groups who are trying to talk. With Ustra's brooch pushed to her chest, campaigner Rak Resende, 51, talks to Sampaio Bárbara, 26. "We didn't come here to confront you," said Resende. Barbara asks that she is defending the freedom of speech and using a religious brooch, but Resende answers that she would use it in a badge with the old candidate Guilherme Boulos that she would not believe it. The student tries to explain that different parts of people cope with and encourage job vacancies in an estate, but it does not affect it. He confirms that the dictatorship has killed and killed many people, but both are unable to reach agreement. "Those that say they died are libertarians. The story tells who was right," the recession is reducing.

Bolsonaro supporters waited for the view, surrounded by students, attempting to consider issues including the scans that incorporated the screen. Bolsonaro family to pension reform and identity management. But the efforts that were always lacking on both sides were mutual. In each of the discussions, opponents expressed contradictions, but it appeared they were willing to look at themselves. Receiving a university, Iphone or tennis Addidas scholarship entered the political debate in those which are marked on the right and on the left, and everyone sent out not to be in work, in theory, using the right to freedom of expression. "Everything is struggling on one side, and everybody is right," Rak Resende is satisfied.

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