Brazil is the second town


Coach Tite says his teachers have a module to help them; game.

Brazil is the second home of photographs
Brazil is the second town

In the latest friendship, Uruguayan campaigns had a 1-0 win in Brazil and only Neymar captains had been successful.

This is an amazing game with the strength of Manchester City's top star, caretaker Ederson Danilo, Fernandinho midfielder and director Gabriel Jesus.

Looking at a long line of English defense manager, it is considered to be the strongest team in Europe at the moment, and it's not hard to go to; Achieving the desire of a boat coach. Also in the speech he was later, he decided to wish to; turning Brazil to become a second town

The 57-year-old said: "We are in a very good form of attack and defense, with third advantage after him and a net page. Especially when the game is held in England (Emirates Stadium of Arsenal, London ), we try to balance as a City. "

Brazil will finish their game in 2018 against Cameroon on November 20. is winning Uruguay, Neymar density
Neymar put a record on Brazil. This time, the PSG star has risen to the top 10 in the Selecao history.

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