Brazil is winning the Superclassic, but it is the one who's the best. celebrate Ecuador


Its impact is; Brazil's face against Argentina with 1-0 in the town of Rancagua is the best game of Brazilian South American Sub-20Afterward, paying for the previously identified initiative with incentive, the product was not enough to suit the World Championship.

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However, the ones that came to an end were many of Ecuador's players who had been in a hurry. Looking at the game at the El Teniente stadium. Many thanks to the benefit, Three has won the first title of the history competition.

With this, Argentina and Uruguay will be represented with South America Americans in Pan-American Lima Games instead of the world long and Colombia was sending a & # 39; A fourth place that does not just take part in the world.

First time

More on the game and working with her & # 39; a member in their legs for a longer period, Brazil did not suffer in defense and attempted throwing risk in the first minute. However, there was a lack of precision just to achieve these opportunities, as Manuel Roffo's supporter did not need much.

This situation lasted to the 20 minutes when it began to understand the Brazilian strategy, the Albiceleste to set their own position to get the phone. Brazil had to "take" a few, "and" Bring the brothers a little possession of grace.

Situated in a hurry for the campaigns that the enemy gave, Ealasaid even tried to play behind the sides of Brazil, Luan Cândido and Emerson. However, the Carlos Amadeu team left their attention and kept their expectations when necessary.

In 39 minutes, an error of Argentinian protection ended its first person; left the score in Rancagua. After retiring a member, Igor Gomes went to Lincoln for the defense of the Roffo and later, Santiago Sosa put his hand to her. member within a penalty area. The Flamengo 9 shirt had long been hitting safely, but even with the keeper's attempt, the ball went in.

In the first half of the first half, Argentina had even been & # 39; And it would be safer in the locations, but the score did not change the whistle anything, interim identification of the Piero Maza Passenger Relay.

Second time

The situation continued with the same pattern of the first stage with Brazil's acceleration and Argentina, regardless of having to be more criminal by going to & # 39; miss chupain with a & # 39; suck, continue to & # 39; overseeing the places of his challenge.

Alongside Lincoln, side of Brazil, and mid-player Gonzalo Maroni, to the brothers, the ones that came closer to the score were moved again, Roffo's good defense and the member who had to go to the left at Pelipe would need to go to; avoid such a situation.

Brazil's weight had tried to reach the necessary balance, but they did not need to complete and terminate Jonas Toro, which was free, and, Roffo's stroke stamping to express its disturbance.

We need to & # 39; Equivalent to win the prize, the Argentines threw themselves into the attack and almost faced the Facundo Colidil face, but the ball went over Pelipe's crater.

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