Brazil: Produced water floods in a full spectacle stadium (VIDEOS)


The heavy waters that were recorded today in the town of Bhiobaria de Vitória da Conquista when a match between a homonymous football team was against Bahia for a Baiano Competition they put water on the stadium steps and caused disasters among the audience, reporting portal Bahia Notícias.

As a result, a part of the playground, which was deleted, started off; game. At the same time, it was necessary to intervene the firemen to help the young people and old people retire.

In the images recorded by witnesses, it is a & # 39; see how those who are currently safe standing on the seats for fear of being hauled by the water.

However, gradually later the weather became better, so that the spectators could return to your places and enjoy their game, ending 3 to 1 a & # 39; leaving the visiting team.

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