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A factor makes sure that vaccination against other groups is at risk H1N1 in Manaus | "D Day"

Mod / Saturday – 30/3, Vibrant Viscount Neto went with the "D – Day" of Manaus Influenza Vaccination, opened in Arthur Vanner Filho 's Primary Health Unit (UBS). community of Amazonino Mendes, the rural area. With 76% of the target audience [455.083] already vaccinated, the factor said his intention was to hit the target of 90% even before the previous 15 days. Arthur also noted the vaccine for other risk groups, as well as those recommended by the Ministry of Health (MS).

“We have already reached 76% of the audience, 14% have missed the target set by the Ministry of Health. [sábado] we have two vaccine points across the city and I'm sure we will close the day with more than 80%. I expect next Friday, 2/4, to reach the target, "said Arthur Neto, saying they are part of the target group: children aged six months to under six years of age, pregnant. T old, health and education, prisoners, continuing patients and other associations.

Also according to the Manaus manager, 200,000 measures of flu were prescribed against capital (H1N1) for capital and the Minister on Luiz Henrique Mandetta has been authorized to send us 50 miles. “We received 455,083 doses of the vaccine and closely followed the priorities set by the Ministry of Health. But I see that some organizations are not included, such as the road staff, cleaning and those who work in draining and pulling on the streets of the capital. They are people that are open to the attack and big flu, ”said Virgilio.

Up to 5pm on this Saturday, 200 vaccine posts are still working in all parts of the city to receive people who are part of the target child, largely on the target of having the child t lowest immunization level. According to the Acute Shear Syndrome Syndrome (SARS) Urban Health Surveillance Chamber Crime Report, published on 28 March, pregnant women were only 43% of the expected organization.

“I want to thank the people who responded to our call, to the guards of health units and others involved, who are helping us to meet the goal of having a systematic vaccination. "Instead of crossing the aim, we want to protect the people of the town," he said.

Remember that those who are not part of the priority public can help control flu by taking simple protective measures, such as washing hands, using alcohol in glass, covering mist and nose when make a cushion or sneeze and avoid compact areas. people.

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