A multi-platform Xbox Live will be announced in March

Since Windows Phone did not have an incompatible operating system, Microsoft has made the most of its favorite requests and services to migrate to Android and iOS. The next step is to communicate that it supports overseas Xbox Live support for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

The statement is to be held at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), March 18-22 in San Francisco, USA. It is already in the programs, a session for discussion on the subject and brand plans for the gamer section. Because Xbox Live is one of the largest mobile networking networks and millions of users everyday use, it's very welcome to see it. this step.

Microsoft is helping to develop developers to supplement the support of more subtitles in future years – including the Xbox Live weather system so large. That is, performances, friendship lists, a messaging system and, if everything is done well, group friends should reach other computers in short.

Players involved

Xbox Live is one of the largest and most active gamer communities in the world. The platform features features that can help developers; Make games that allow the player to save time and still solve socialization and communication features

With this news, Xbox Live should do much. Of the current 400 million machines, with 68 million active users, the online service will be available for more than 2 billion devices. One of the aims of its brand is when it's; Supporting several platforms on Sony. It is still known how Microsoft will put the stage into action in a wide range of handsets. One of the options is to select and change the best titles, as Nintendo did.

Xbox Live users are very active in Xbox and the computer. Now, you will be able to realize your historical achievements, list your friends, your societies, and so on directly about any screen. Therefore, barriers to those publishers that want their communities to move cheaper between the platforms must be hampered. This means less work for developers, who can focus on making games more fun.

With the gradual growth of the moving gaming department, there is a special link between those who are experiencing progress; Play on the computer, the best of consolates and their. group that only promises on handhelds. Games such as "Fortnite" and "PUBG" show that the after-platform features can provide good results.

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