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After a controversy, Lava Jato is dragging back and trying to stop the billionaire base

The Taskforce chose to discuss other solutions # 39; to social debate on the destination of resources

With controversy over the fund which would take action Lava Jato to decide which poem was a fines of a doctor-dollar from Petrobras, Curitiba accused has quit, for a now, from creating the foundation.

An entry was recorded on Tuesday, 12, to set up the process for creating the unit. In accordance with the Land Office Procurator Fiscal's Office, "before the existing social debate on the destination of resources," complainants chose solutions or other options that could be more favorable to ensure that Brazil's society values ​​the values. "

Depending on the text, Lava Jato and MPF Paraná have also been discussing with the Office of the Federal Petty and Petrobras Office "and that Brazilian Audit Court and Brazilian Governor General will be consulted. T

Understand the issue

The amount, invested in January, will continue in the judicial account attached to 13 Curitiba Federal Court. The bank account already has a refund of 2.56 billion payments, paid as a result of an agreement sent by Petrobras away from pending cases by the US court. In September, the nation authorities granted permission to return 80% of the fine to Brazil.

Depending on the agreement between BP and Petrobras, half of this money should be earmarked to raise a private base, led by the prosecution, with the intention of "bringing the Opposition to Brazil against corruption. The idea was that the organization would be run by individuals and organizations elected by the accused Lava Jato at Curitiba.

The idea got the disadvantage of lawyers and was even criticized within the Federal Court for lack of clarity and transparency in the management of facilities.

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