After criticizing the web, follow Graciele Lacerda. Look!

Last Friday (8), Graciele Lacerda made a text of the people who told himself to Zezé di Camargo, of whom he was involved. Amongst many ideas and promises, one criticized her grandmother, saying she would be responsible for the end of the marriage of Zezé Di Camargo and Zilu Godói.

In the photographic title, Graciele wrote:

"You teach me that there is simple love. No one needs a humorous, depressing story, an amazing thing that carries out all the other side of life. Only people are missing A person who is at your side, divide a party on a cold night or going out for a hot-frozen surface on a hot day. It's so simple. On your side, I got out How simple and simple does the world mean. Love, just listening to music together, sleeps beside, the breath of one child and the other, a & # 39: traveling together in the difficult places. It was so simple that, in a trip, a cross of my eyes, joy, a kiss that gave my feet away from the ground and my loyalty has already begun. find out what we are just thinking about fiction: my soul is coming. It was just that time and would always e with you. my heart. @zezedica margo ".

However follow follower:

"Do not remember that you broke a family up to do one, all of you!" Write the sheriff.

Graciele was not then free.

"The family is still together, nothing wrong, on the other hand, we are all uniquely different."

It is worth remembering that Graciele and Zezé were arrested in May 2014, shortly after the end of their marriage to Zilu, where he stayed from 1982 to 2014.

Zezé and Zilu are parents of Wanessa Camargo, Camilla Camargo and DJ Igor Cy.

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You learn me, of course, that there is simple love. No one needs a funny story, a catastrophe, a very big thing that uses all other aspects of life. People need to be in need of a partner. A person who is on your side, dividing a blanket on a cold night or a night; go out for hot ice cream. Love is so simple. On the other hand, I found out how simple this simplicity is & # 39; mean the world. One relationship, just listening to songs together, sleeping alongside, the breath of one child and the other, travel together in the difficult places. It's simple, in a dose, a cross of my eyes, a smile, a kiss that has taken my feet off the ground and I'm already tied up to your side. That was just that time; explain my life all that time. I got to know what we are just thinking about in fiction: my soul will be together. That minute was enough and my heart would never be with you. @zecidicamargo @agenciabrazilnews

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