Apple could award a 14-year-old boy who faced a face FaceTime

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The 14-year-old boy could find the FaceTime security breakup benefit from Apple. Grant Thompson may be one of the "bounty bugs", which can be translated as a "bounty prize", a technology technology award for people who have problems with their stage and give companies know.

In an interview with CNBC, on Monday (4), a boy said that "Apple chief executive" was going to Thompson's house to thank him personally and he suggested that the boy could be part of The Apple Advantages program "He said we will know from the next week's security team what that means," said Michele Thompson, mother of her mother. boy. "If he finds a sort of reward for his discovery, that can be used for his college, because I think it's very long, I hope . "

In the same interview, he also tells how he found the bankruptcy. Thompson was playing Fornite when trying to create a group among his friends, to play in the same team. That's when he found the problem badly. "It's an amazing thing for me that Apple did not find it and a 14-year-old boy made him an accident," he is singing.

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The bankruptcy was detected at the end of January and allowed users to visit FaceTime's phone and phone recorders even if they refused to call. Thomson even said he had notified Apple at least a week before breaking the problem and that his company had not responded to warnings to that end.

Last Friday (1), Apple officially gave an official excuse and thanked the boy to find her. However, he said the update for the problem should come later this week. For security, a company has a feature that is & # 39; hear the group in the app until it is confirmed again to users.

Despite the conclusions, the boy still thinks he is a supporter of the brand and said he should keep his / her; Using Apple materials says that such things happen over time.

Source: CNBC

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