Apple has forced developers to warn about iPhone and iPad screen recordings

After closing a large privacy in iOS by setting out version 12.1.4, Apple has recently launched a recent dispute; protecting the security of personal information of the customers.

Many users were concerned when a search was found that a number of iOS apps were liking to; tapping the iPhones and iPadan screen without permission without the user's permission, and that they did not care for users of such uses.

With this real search, the Cupertino giant started order developers to warn when they make the pictures or the charts – and if they do not want to do that, this feature will be removed from all applications.

According to Tim Cook's company, if the application manager does not have a & # 39; Submit the warning, your app can be removed from the App Store.

How do we talk to our agenda? talk about them in a question, Apple giving you a bad privacy on your client's data, and something like this does not respond to their usage policies.

At that time, the apple triggers the developers in some cases; extract the part of the app that saves the screen and its & # 39; New version to App Store review – and if the date and requirements are not met, you already know: the app will be closed.

Many of the users left to be reports that fragile information, such as passport information and credit cards, was finally adopted by one of the submissions.

Although this information will be sent to internal customers or to Glassbox (a company that created the device to record the pattern of usage in apps), This information may be a "wrong" left; Leave anyone with "of the ear".

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