Araraquara certifies the death of a dengue from 28 years of age Sao Carlos and Araraquara

Araraquara (SP) confirmed its first loss of dengue this year on Monday (18). A 28-year-old woman died on her & her; February 10 and had a type 2 virus, according to the Tropical Medical Institute report. There are 1,668 dengue cases in the town and there is a disease.

Priscila Jung was introduced to the São Paulo hospital due to the low count. She did not rise and she died the next day.

She was a lupus bearer, an energetic, genuine, self-evident disease that could affect many bodies and knitting, and there was a history of pericarditis and other friend problems, diversity of dengue

The town was disturbing her & her; death and reinforced the support request from the population in the fight against the mosquito breeding site Aedes aegypti. Surveys and fieldwork show 80% of breeding sites in private areas.

On Friday (15), a woman of 66 years died with suspicion of dengue. According to the media office in the village hall, Angela Santos died at São Paulo Hospital.

The body was brought to the Death Verification Service (SVO) of Americo Brasiliense for exams that show the causes of death. The serology was sent to the Adolfo Lutz Institute for analysis.

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