Atlântico is looking for group-level games of the Libertadores in the & # 39; Mineiro, but it is the responsibility of the agreement of Conmebol

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The Atlántico awaits authority from the South American Football Alliance (CONMEBOL) to send the message Group E of the Copa Libertadores ann Miner and not in Independence, where he played in the second and third stages of the competition. On Wednesday, just after the 0-0 draw by Defensor-URU, the president Srgio Sette Camera He explained that he was already on formal request unit to move the three future commitments to the Pampulha Movement. In principle, the board looks at leaving for a & # 39; The Garden.

"I know we know if we are playing in the Minerals, if we play Independence … Well, I want to explain to you how it works. Before starting on Copa Libertadores, the clubs must tell where to play and play their games. And there is the place to put a studio. In our case, we will add emphasis on the Independence studio. I wanted to tell you that Larsen, of the board of directors, wishes to send the game to the Men's Men, but it's not so simple. We have put forward the Conmebol application so that the Atltico can set their game-level games, all the games, the Menzies. But we will do this if Conmebol is allowed us. yes (this request) has already been made, but as long as this is not apparent, the game is still in Independence, "it is wrong nte Sette Cmara.

The Atltico games will be the main group in Group E, in sequence, against Cerro Porteo-PAR, March 6 (Wednesday) at 7:15 p.m. before Zamora-VEN, April 3 (Wednesday) at 7:15 p.m. and the face National URU, April 23 (Monday) at 9:30 p.m.

Buy a pack

Atltico has already sold a ticket pack for these three games as a main group in the E. Group. There is a fee for members and members. According to Sette Cmara, the device would be enhanced if Conmebol agrees to move those duels to their "Men". In Independence, the device is slightly larger than that 22 milesIn the West In Pampulha, the club would be 54 miles of the 62,000 seats.

"We are now launching a package for members and members. It's obvious that we have different prices. And a package for the three games. We are selling a machine that who responds within Freedom, but obviously if the Minister has been confirmed, we will increase within his / her ability. The packages can already be purchased on the internet, "added the athletic leader.

Classical with America in the Minelander

The president said that the classical was with his president America, registered for March 17, at 4 p.m., for the 10th round of the standardization degree of the Mineiro Competition, to be in the home MinerIn the first instance, the board was anticipated by the Athletic order for Independence.


1st round

Atlântico x Cerro Porteo – Wednesday, March 6, 7: 15pm, in Belo Horizonte (Independencia no Mineiro)

Round 3

Atlântico x Zamora – Wednesday, April 3, at 7:15 pm, in Belo Horizonte (Independencia no Mineiro)

Round 5

Atlântico x Nacional – Tuesday, April 23, at 9:30 p.m., in Belo Horizonte (Independencia no Mineiro)

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