Avaí is beats Shark and promises that Catarine will lead her into control

While leader did not fight against a lantern down, he avoided the excitement and defeated Tubarão 2-0 at Ressacada on Saturday night to ensure they remained in the chair. The goals of the Lion were defeated by Getúlio in the 42nd first half and João Paulo, at 38 second level.

With their third award in a row, Avaí has ​​a temporary three-point bonus over conflict and Figueirense in second place and can see the difference in the game against Hercílio Luz on a Sunday.

The target established for the impact of Aveiro when the duel was still fair, with strong opposition to the Tubarão team, and lack of confidence in creating photographs from both sides. After the wearing of Mosquera, Iury got his head straight and Getúlio hit the back of the net at the end of the first half.

Before 19 years, a move of magnitude to the Lion Rampage led to a strange movement as a result of a movement for the Lion Rampant, a member from Tubarão, who moved across the region. The locals were not pleased when Daniel Amorim came in from the left, and he put the ball into the empty web.

In the second half, Avai continued to improve and had the opportunity to raise Daniel Amorim's leadership in 9 minutes and 14 points for João Paulo, but he did not visit in the final. At 24, Daniel Amorim again arrived to complete a cross in the small area, but again the decision was left un-led.

The Avarian attack returned to the end of the final part of the game when Tubarão defended the ball and took advantage of Luan Pereira to serve John Pauli who played in the march of the Belliato visitor t the 38 minutes. After this, the Skye Lion had the chance to win a third in a separate play by Brzuela, which attacked the area and captured Belliato by the play, but Oliveira halted the goal the line.

Avaí returns to the park next Wednesday, against Brusque, in Augusto Bauer.



Glédson; Iury, Kunde, Concrete, Lourenço; Mosquera, Pedro Catro, André Moritz (Luan Pereira); João Paulo, Daniel Amorim and Getúlio (Brizuela)

Technical: Geninho


Belliato; Oliveira, Denilson (William Mineiro), Edimar, Parrudo; Daniel Pereira, Felipe Guedes (Léo Tilica), Guilherme Amorim, Leilson; Roberto and Edu (Wire)

Technical: Luizinho Vieira

GOLS: Getúlio, 42 minutes in to the first half, and João Paulo, 38 minutes into the second half (Avaí).

Yellow cards: Parrudo and Leilson (Shark); Lourenço and Kunde (Avaí)

Location: Ressacada Stadium

Reconciliation: Luiz Augusto Silveira Tisne, with help from Alexandre de Medeiros Lodetti and Maicon Lemos Alves.

Public5.134 supporters

Income: R $ 79.245,00

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