Big Curitiba will go out for full warning after the death of the monkeys

The death of a monk 21 in São José dos Pinhais caused the city of the Curitiba Metropolitan Division (RMC) to go into full fever. Of the two dozen apes identified so far, nine have been validated with the virus, according to information from the Home Intelligence Surveillance Unit and Zoonoses Surveillance Unit.

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The main concern is that only 40% of the residents of the town watched the vaccine against the disease. So far, two cases have already been confirmed in people – one now invalid, that's getting the disease in São José dos Pinhais. The other was corrupt in Barra for Turvo, in São Paulo.

“The yellow fever virus, a common strain in the north and northeast of the country, is now entering our homes. Just as people are warned about survival in a rural area of ​​São José dos Pinais as a warning to people, "said the local health secretary Giovani de Souza." Submitting the vaccine is once a life enough for the patient to get protection from t disease. "

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Depending on preparation, the population should be given to the whole population – especially people in rural areas. People over 59 years of age can also be immunized as long as they are assessed in the Health Unit. A list of vaccines sites can be found on the city website São José dos Pinhais.

Another important warning is that people do not kill the monkeys. Warning: Monitors do not introduce yellow fever, but, like men, they are polluted with mosquitoes. The monkey is a "sentinel" that indicates that the disease was in a particular region.

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A vaccine in Curitiba

In Curitiba, three basic health units (UBS) will be open this weekend to boost the population against yellow fever. On this Saturday (13), the Monteiro Lobato (Tatuquara), Caio and Jardim Gabineto (CIC) units will be open only to assist people wishing to vaccinate.

According to the County Health Department, this April focus will focus on the units of the southern part of Curitiba, where the wild territories of the former "ecological corridor" are present. the mosquito bone may spread yellow fever.

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