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Boeing has completed 96 test aircraft with the new 737 MAX software

Boeing said he had completed 96 test aircraft with the 737 MAX equipped with the new software, which will be available shortly. It was about 159 hours traveling, including an appearance by CEO Boeing Dennis Muilenburg.

In addition, Boeing conducted a simulation test to confirm the authenticity and reliability of the software shortly before commencing test trips on the 737 MAX. The company continues to carry out a simulation test, inviting it even to air pilots to try to recover emergencies.

Denis Muilenburg never referred to any timetable when Boeing hopes that it will be updated, and that the aircraft will be stopped.

In early April, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced its intention “in the coming weeks” to renew, which will be evaluated through the agency and several other bodies from other countries, to name just a few. ensure the safety of the new product update and transcends the difficult behavior of the MCAS system.

The UK, Singapore and China have so far agreed to take part in the software review.

“We know that everybody who sits on board one of the planes is putting us in trust”, said Mullnburg.

“My team and I work closely with our customers to answer their questions, get feedback and make sure the people who work Max are finished… when it's finished stop., said Mullnburg.

"Our team has been working hard to put software into practice which will ensure the incidents do not happen again.", he sent to Mull.

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