Botafogo agrees with Nicolás Lodeiro in the work of staff

Judge Tallita Massucci Toledo Foresti, from the 35th Labor Party of the Regional Labor Party of the First Party (TRT-1), agreed an agreement between Botafogo and Nicolás Lodeiro. The club will pay R $ 311,000, in 20 installments of R $ 15,500, on June 20, this year for the player. Midwest stay in Alvinegro between the years 2012 and 2014.

> Below is the full text of the settlement agreement between the parties!

"Content Consideration & # 39; The decision is to spread this. 0735494, on this date, the parties had a & # 39; Attend this Schedule, saying they have been agreed as follows:

The applicant will pay to the applicant threeteen and eleven thousand reaches (R $ 311,000.00) in 20 installments in the fifteen thousand and five rushes (R $ 15,500.00) each, with original quality on June 20, 2019, a surplus every 20 day of every month, or a. working day after that.

The amount set out above describes the difference of a land collection and will be deposited in a & # 39; A copy related to the author's FGTS, and the Registration will grant permission, in the name of the author and / or his assistant, Raphael da Silva Cunha, OAB / RJ 152.858, every three months.

Distribution is provided for something that is done; Out of their activity (applications "c", "d" and "e").

In the event of a suspected event or the return of the investigation, the fees provided will be in the repository of the petition. db6c158, "3" and "4" items, where appropriate, depletion expected to be distributed regularly.

I agree to the draft agreement db6c158, so that it has a legal and legal impact.
As a result, I am trying to eliminate the outcome decisions before the parties start (article 487, III, b, of CPC c / c and article 831, one page of the CLT.

Costs R $ 6,220.00 (six thousand two hundred and twenty royalties), pro rata, must be collected by the parties, which need to certify payment in 10 days, after to be released, under sentence of execution.
Before the amount prepared and according to the presumption of the Regulation Regulation 582/2013, PGF is identified, so that information on social security and tax payments can be obtained.

After the expiration of 30 days after the expiration of the final settlement (s) on the author, the duties set out above will be paid.

Fully achieved, lower and files "

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