Captain Marvel – Film is a & # 39; The only one on the Disney + broadcasting service!

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Le Lucas Rafael → O Disney + to shake a market flowingPost-The service should be a strong catalog, DisneySouth West Mar that was launched Captain Marvel coming close, she has a home-in-law already after her film and her. blu-ray distribution Today, the Disney spread Captain Marvel the first one will be out Disney +South Westerly

The story indicates a change in its relationship. company Netflix, who would receive his films after the release blu-rayAfter-hours This breakdown has already been expected after announcing that Disney to launch its own network flowingSouth Westerly

With regard to the content of the network, a Star-action series has been produced, as well as a mini-series that comes from different characters that are present in the Cinematic Network Marvel, how come View, Scarlet Witch, Loki and Winter SoldierSouth Westerly

Yes Captain Marvel If you prove your good movie, it's a great deal to attract Disney +Yesterday is not yet known as a series of Netflix / Marvel (for example Lucas Cage, Iron Question and Daredevil) Find new on this new service.

When the service comes, it's likely that everything is new Marvel coming out of the place Disney + after its launch blu-ray, preventing other platforms from having a & # 39; presenting new company content.

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Captain Marvel debuts in the theater day March 7, 2019South Westerly

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