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Change will result in a 4.33% increase in prescribed drugs – Economy

At Monday (1), the cost of medicines should be 4.33% more expensive across the country. The estimate by UOL's report, following the annual change established by the CMED (Market Market Management), was above 3.75% in 2018.

As UOL shows, distributions are made only on prescription drugs. The others, those involved, are usually cross-referenced and are not governed by the federal government. The reason, saying the site, is the big competition in the market.

Despite the reparation, Sindusfarma (Union of the Products Products) is analyzing that the increase will be gradual and that you should not already look at Monday. Further to this, he explained why the stock is the chief executive of the union, Nelson Mussolini.

“Workshops are working with livestock. The user may get the price early in some places, ”said Nelson Mussolini, the chief executive of Sindusfarma. "In addition, the industry itself has not changed through these changes," he added.

The union considers that the change will not always be achieved in the senior phase, and the medicines have risen in rate of inflation. Mussolini names Mussolini that, in 2018, the reformation was given in three categories (defined by the competition between the medicines) with an average of 2.43% and up to 2.84%.

“But the IPCA was a 1.83% chemical business, that is, it raised about 70% of its potential. he told him the door.

Working – According to UOL, the rules of change were created in 2003. They were created in 2003. Since then, once a year, at the end of March, the government will specify the maximum level of changes that can be made.

The calculation used by CMED is the amount of the IPCA (Extended Consumer Rating Register) with other influential department prices (such as toll and electricity changes), less due to the production of the pharmaceutical industry.

This year was very different from the factor used in 2018. The site says it was higher than hyper-inflation because the government thought it could not produce a product. This means that this size, which could grow now, was now zero.

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