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Some visit a tattoo to honor someone or something. Be the love of life, be a pet … Other just make a sad heart. But a resident in Rio decided to let Ostras go down a little …

Rosineia de Aguiar Gomes, 53, had never done a tattoo and, on Monday (25 February), she did the first time with an unusual design: a housewife had a pity of penalty, ; cover its entire box.

She swears that she did not think of anyone doing the tattoo, which cost $ 350. Perhaps it was, but Rosinea encouraged him. According to her, she is the idea of ​​pulling out because she loves punishment. The Ostrense River says he expects to make another tattoo. What's up to date?

The tattoo artist shared social networking and has more than 13,000 comments on her. already registered.

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