date for companies, governments and banks to complete revenue reports

The companies are up to date on Thursday, February 28, to submit their income report to their employees and to the professionals who have provided them services as a remuneration, for reasons to verify Tax All Revenue (IRPF) 2019. This document includes the tax income of the basic 2018 year to inform the Finance Department. This year, the reporting period for the Lion will run between 7 March and 30 April.

Banks will also be required to deliver this Thursday to provide client reports on current accounts, savings accounts or investments. Even health and dental care workers should report spending to their clients for consultations, hospitals, and hospital-based medical procedures and other laboratories.

In the case of employers, the revenue statement should report the total amount paid to last year's staff. This includes bursaries, 13 salaries and a contribution discount to the INSS, as well as Assistance Tax and invitations.

In the case of employees who sell part of the holiday and have health and dental plans offered by the companies – as well as private pension plans connected to the companies where they work – the information must also be included in the statement.

The same rule applies to the payment of children's support at monthly salaries.


A company that provides fraudulent information about paid income, fines or fines imposed by the Financial Inclusion Service will be subject to a fine. The same thing will happen with a & # 39; taxpayer who accidents of irregularity or information.

Those who do not get the statement over time must look for the employer. If this does not work, the IRS suggests that the taxpayer is reporting the truth to the nearest service unit.

Statements for post-deputies

The National Institute of Social Security (INSS) is already offering its base for the 2018 basic year tax for pensioners and pensioners. The document can be accessed from the link. Then just click on "Apply" and enter the required data.

Reports for attendants

Active server attendants in the Rio State must access the Server Visit to receive the revenue report. In an inactive case and pensioners, the document is available on the RioprevidĂȘncia website.

Union legal servants can receive the statement at the HR unit or through the Sigepe Mobile application.

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