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"Delete Facebook". WhatsApp Re-appeals appeals

Oh WhatsApp co-ordinator, Brian Acton, urged Stanford University students to dispose of their Facebook accounts. As BuzzFeed News remembers, this is an appeal already made by Acton last year, but this time Acton defended the WhatsApp decision to sell to Mark Zuckerberg technology.

“We have come back to Silicon Valley culture and people are saying, Well, you can't sell it. T [o WhatsApp]? And the answer is no. I had 50 staff and I had to think about them and the money they would make by means of this sale. I had to think about our investors and had to think of my little interest. I was not afraid to say that I wasn't even if I wanted to, "explained Acton.

As he spoke to students at Stanford University, Acton talked about how technology companies make decisions on content content, stating that everyone had managed to do the same. hard doing that.

"To be honest, preserve networks – open networks – it's difficult to decide what the grain is or is not Google with what the website is good or bad These companies are not equipped to carry out these decisions and we give them power, so we buy our products, we'll be buying a book. t Och Facebook, right? "Arsa Acton.

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