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Duilio explains the situation of Romero and Carille. confirming registration

Ángel Romero continues his uncertainty situation. Despite reform, anti-Paraguayan conflict has not yet reached a consensus board with the Board of Commissions and, going away. On Thursday night, the Arena's top advertiser again appeared in the playground to play the team, but left quietly. Who spoke Duílio Monteiro Alves, football director of his club. It was the biggest doubts because Timão had been in & # 39; recording a player in the South American Cup.

"The list we gave us on 2nd. This year the rule was different, given three days before the start of its competition, not the genuine. At this time, There are still discussions, and we understand that it was important to be on the list, as if it were updated, it would support Korean, but at this time nothing was done, because now everything has stopped, there's nothing new, "warned the headteacher.

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"It's bad to talk about a date, but it's the location that we're gracing, which we're not enjoying. It's turning to a novel. It's not good for the player or not a Korean one. But there's no special day, "he finished.

Fábio Carille was also used on the subject and made it clear that he did not put any pressure on the highest men with a special request for Romero to be submitted to the continental competition.

"It was about the time, we signed it, but we would not have to do it. I did not ask what the board was talking about. We signed up with it, but I understand it's hard, I do not even talk about it because I know it's hard, "said the coach, who still has a vacant competition Paulista. The date for registration is in the 1 March State.

"Let's wait, some things are going on to be recorded in Paulista, but on his face to change it, if it is appropriate, indeed, "said Carille, that four licenses are available in the four seasons.

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